Band Notes-Finish Strong

Daily Questions, Expectations for Band, Reflection

Dear families

Dear families,

Words cannot express how much I miss seeing all y'all during this time. I cried happy after we ended the virtual class last week. I know and trust the physical distancing is the best way to move forward. I have taken this time for reflection and growth and trying to stay in the present moment. Releasing things that I cannot control helps me to stay in the present moment. I love seeing families exercising together, sitting on the porch in the mornings listening to the birds sing, and working on habits-ones I need to release and ones I need to modify to be my best self. We have the time to do things we haven't made time for in the past-learning a new language off Duolingo, dancing in the kitchen, learning new tunes and posting them to Acapella, and cooking new recipes with the family. My biggest goal is to work on being, not doing, or being busy, per se.

I miss making the magic of music with y'all in a classroom. I love that we are staying connected and think keeping the connection is vital. I want to take this time to reach out and see how you are doing and how you are using music to express yourself during this time.

Parents and families, I know and empathize with all of you. Schooling at home is tough. A website that keeps me grounded is and is called "School at Home: Tami Wolff."

Please know that the safety and sanity of your wellbeing comes first. Think about "chasing the learning" as opposed to "chasing the grade." If you miss some schoolwork, think about if you truly need to go back and do all of it. Sometimes, doing what you can in good faith, is enough. Schooling at home is and should look different than being at school. Four hours a day for accomplishing the work is the suggested maximum limit.

Daily Questions

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Is your band instrument at school! Wednesday, April 22nd, is pick up day!

Dear Band Families,

Good afternoon.

In a special allowance from our Assistant Superintendent Mr. Scott Nielsen, and our Preston admin team, I have been given permission to meet you at Preston this coming Wednesday, April 22 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM to retrieve instruments left at Preston before spring break.

There are very narrow parameters in which we can work, and I’ve listed them here:

  • EMAIL BY Tuesday evening at 6 pm (preferably before then) and I will give you a time.
  • Only instruments that your family owns or rents will be retrieved; Preston owned instruments you have at home, you will return along with other Preston property when we have clearance for that process to take place later on. I cannot take them Tuesday.
  • Please drive up to Preston using the drop off lane, pull forward, and wait in your car for me to come to you.
  • I will go into the school and get the instrument ONLY. I cannot use this time to grab materials from their school locker.
  • Please stay in your car when I bring out your instrument and pop the trunk of your vehicle for me to place the instrument in the back for you, smiling behind my mask.
  • I’ll wave goodbye with my gloved hands as I see you safely away.

I realize this process may seem curt, yet we’ve been given this gift and I will hold firm to the requirements in this opportunity.

Thank you in advance for keeping everyone healthy and safe.

Band Expectations

Press here for Beginning Band Virtual Class

Beginning Band meets Mondays and Thursdays from 10-10:30 am.

Press this button for the Concert Band Virtual Class

Concert Band meets Mondays and Thursdays from 11-11:30 am

We loved having special guests today! Thank you, Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Munoz from Fossil Ridge!

Calendar Option in Google Classroom for a list of assignments that are in one spot

The calendar option in Google Classroom includes ALL of the assignments. To get to Google Calendar in Google Classroom, click on the 3 lines to the side of the class, and select Calendar. You can sync this with your personal or family calendar (I don't choose to do this) if you want to.

Weekly Bingo Card

The Bingo card is on the 3rd slide of "Qtr IV Finish Strong" Google Slide presentation on Google Classroom. There will be a "Bingo Drop" in Google Clasroom. Students will upload a Google Doc to the assignment weekly on (or before) Fridays. On the Google Doc, students will write a paragraph about what they learned. On the same assignment, students will upload a short, weekly video of their "porch concert" for the week. If you have missed past assignments, do not go back and make them up, instead, jump on board for the next week.

Where is everything? Hint: The same place it has always been

We have used Google Classroom all throughout the year and that remains the same.

In Google Classroom, the Slide Presentation (and here below) is where everything is and it is in one place. The 3rd slide has a synopsis of everything. The Google slide presentations contain everything that is due for all classes. Beginners have specific weekly assignments on Smartmusic that will be submitted through Smartmusic. Beginners are submitting a short video through the doc they create for the Bingo Table Drop. Concert and Symphonic Band members choose what video they submit weekly on a doc they create within the Bingo Table drop. The Bingo Drop includes activities, learnings and enrichments for all students. Students will write a few short sentences on the activity they chose and submit that with their video in the one Google doc.

The syllabus is available for students that want to be told exactly what to practice for those that want to take that route.

I want a poetry composition from everyone. This assignment allows your best playing, your authentic expression of whom you are, and ALL of the ones submitted have been very moving and incredible.

The Bingo Table is due once weekly (not optional) by Friday and provides a plethora of choices.

Fourth Quarter Project is optional.

We meet twice a week, virtually, and it is optimum that all students show up, mainly to connect. We play for one another, continue to build on our relationships, clarify any questions, and share out how we are doing during these times. We have been meeting virtually since March 23rd. No worries if you are just now joining. I miss you. Other students miss you. The connection is essential.

Google Calendar includes all of the assignments and virtual meetings.

Late Poetry Compositions

If you need more time,

want more time,

or want to turn it in late....

I believe this is a powerful lesson in the expression of ourselves. I do want a poetry composition from everyone, even if it is late.

Poetry Composition Examples Below

Weekly porch concert -Click below for an example. See pdf for details.

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Virtual lessons from CSU Music Education Majors

Tuesday, April 21st, 4pm to Friday, May 22nd, 4pm

This is an online event.

CSU students are offering FREE virtual small group instruction at a time that is convenient for you. All band students, please complete this form, whether you are interested or not, so we can set this up.

Honor Band Update

Dear Honor Band Members of 2020,

First, Congratulations! Being invited to participate in this event is an honor and one that is hard-earned.

Next, you probably surmised that this year's event can no longer be held as planned, given the closure of school. We are sad that we won't get to spend that time with you this spring. We are, however, working hard to plan an alternate event in which we hope you will participate. Until we know more about when we will be able to return to our school buildings and gather in large groups, we cannot make firm plans. There are tentative plans to incorporate our Honor Band event into the traditional PSD Summer Music program in late July or early August. If that is not possible, we may look for another alternative during the next school year.

For the time being, we encourage you to keep practicing any music you enjoy, including the Honor Band music. We sincerely hope you will have the opportunity to perform it together someday. We will inform you as soon as we have more information about that opportunity.

Take care and keep the music playing!


Your Band Directors

I love revisiting these, so I too can be my best self! If I added one, I would add "Be grateful and share your gift." What would you add?
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Chase Hildebrandt, our student teacher

Hey everyone! I am happy to have greeted/checked-in with most of you virtually. As we transition to Google Meet, let me know if you have any questions or comments about the poetry composition, the bingo activities/porch concert, or smart music opportunities. I am here to help you

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Individual Meetings with Hollenbeck coming soon

I want to meet with each student and am working on setting that up. I am thinking that I want to have a week on Google Meet/Hangout and students can set up to see me with a 7 minute time to connect, help, and clarify. Be on the lookout in Google Classroom for that link in which to sign up. I am thinking we could use the Google Classroom Meet/Hangout for everyone's link, then jump in at different times. Know that you can request this at any time and students, you can chat/send us a message in Microsoft Office Teams.
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Thank you!

Families, thank you so much for being invested in your students. I know that School at Home is tough, hard, fun, crazy, rewarding....I could go on forever. Be compassionate with yourself and know that doing the best you can IS ENOUGH. Stay safe, healthy, and get outside. I can't emphasize enough that family is the first priority and being safe is ALWAYS first. Keep in mind that 4 hours total each day is the recommended max.

I am still entertaining the thought of putting together a virtual concert. That is incredibly ambitious, so know that. It is hard to not be at school since May is when we CELEBRATE everything we have accomplished over the year. I miss all of you!

Sending so much love and light,

Andrea Hollenbeck

Andrea Hollenbeck

Students can chat/text through Microsoft Office Teams

Always reach out when you need it. Love and light. I leave you with SGN (Some Good News)

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