Wanted for:

Cobalt is wanted for being in high level of Arsenic,

Cobalt-60is wanted for being in a radioactive isotope and is an important source for Gamma Rays. This is used to help treat some forms of cancer.

Also recognized as:

Cobalt's name came from the German word Kobalt or Kobold which means evil spirit.

That is why Cobalt is wanted, Since he is an evil spirit. Also Cobalt is blue but can be silver. Cobalt's' symbol is CO.

Description of the Criminal:

Atomic weight= 58.933

Melting point-1,495 degrees Celsius.

Boiling point- 2,927 degrees Celsius.

Can be in pottery because of the strong material and unique blue.

Cobalt is a metal because it it is hard, can be silver and isn't malleable.

First Officer to Catch Cobalt

Officer Georg Brandt founded Cobalt. Georg was born on July 21,1694 and died on April 29, 1768. Georg Brandt became the first person to discover an unknown metal in ancient times.

Report of the First Arrest

In 1735, Georg Brandt analyzed this element. It was a dark blue pigment found in copper ore. After analyzing it, he demonstrated that there was a new element in it. This later became known as Cobalt.

Last seen

It was last seen chilling with Iron around the periodic table.

A little while ago scientist found it in an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and it was used for the coloring of the shiny blue.

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Partners in Crime

cobalt is obtained by...







Cobalt, just like Iron can be magnetized and used to make really strong magnets. Other alloys of Cobalt are used in gas turbine generators.


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