Clean it up in 2013!

My first year of O2 in a box

New Year, New you!

With tax season upon us and a clean slate of a year, I wanted to share my method to help with the clutter and paper trail that I implemented when I started Origami Owl last year. The last week of the year I was furiously trying to get some items organized and in "Nesting" mode and at 12 am I walked into out room with my box and told my husband, "This box holds the my whole Origami Owl career."

It is very easy and if you start it now it sets you up for success! I use my "box" and an accordian folder purchased from the $1 at Target. My accordian folder goes everywhere with me since thats the "immediate" one and then my Box stays in the office but I purchased a file box that could be mobile in the event I need to haul it with me. I go through it weekly and at the end of the month to archive. I also included how I utilize my clasp envelopes. I hope this helps you too.

My Box


1. File Organizer

2. I bought the 9x12 clasp envelopes ($7.99 for box of 100 at Staples) and ANY party or event I do goes in here.

3. 5 hanging folders:

First- not labeled

Second- Fair/Shows

Third- Packing Slips

Fourth- Receipts

Fifth- Archives.

  • First file: 12 monthly file folders
The first is not labeled because that is what holds my file folders. The file folders are labeled January-December because I file on a monthly basis. As I finish out the month, All events/jewelry bars and individual orders, anything pertaining to that month goes in that file folder and gets moved back to archive

  • Second file: Fairs/Shows
This is really where I place applications for shows, info, paperwork that they give me after as well info to be a returning vendor for next year.

  • Third file: Packing Slips

When you receive an order you will always get a packing slip to check against what you have received. *ALSO* a small card comes with info on who picked your order and who packed it. MAKE SURE to ALWAYS staple this card to your packing order. In the event you need to file a claim for Missing Items or Exchange Form, it will ask for the info on the card.

  • Fourth file: Receipts

ANYTHING pertaining to Origami Owl: display items purchased, marketing items, packaging, lunch receipts from when at events, hotel receipts from events for O2, mailed out orders and delivery confirmations, all receipts go in here. I try to do my best to organize them by these categories but the most important is to at least KEEP them in the same place.

  • Fifth file: Archive
As the month ends, anything that took place that month gets placed in the archive. I go through all my hanging files labeled and place it in that month then archive it. This is also the time I go through my accordian folder and individual orders taken that month get filed in too. Since the blue folder is the on-the-go I also have a receipt tab in this one so those get combined to get archived.

My Accordian Folder

My dollar spot find has been the BEST THING EVER!! In this folder I labeled the 4 tabs it has: Order Forms, Receipts, Pending Orders, Mailout Receipts.

1. Order Forms: Where I keep reserve blank order forms. I have a clipboard where I keep blank ones ready to write on but I use this tab for the extra to have with me too.

2. Receipts: This Receipt tab is different from my Box. Like I said, this folder is my everyday on-the-go so when I get people who call me to place orders or emails for orders the designer copy (receipt) goes in here til the end of the month. I do this for more immediate access to add on to their order, which does happen often!

3. Pending orders: Well you guessed it, correlation to the orders I'm currently working on, this is where they get placed. Some people will tell you this is what I want but don't need it for 2 weeks or cannot pay til this date, etc, so those go here to.

4. Mailout Receipts: As discussed last night, when I placed party orders or take orders form customers via phone or email, I use my square for payment then place a wholesale order to have shipped to me. Once I receive order, I build lockets, place in big bag and deliver to hostess unless that guest has asked I ship directly to her. Then for phone and email orders, since some are out of town or want it shipped or too far to deliver this is when the post office sees me and that post office receipt goes in here.

  • Whenever I mail a locket out I ALWAYS get a delivery confirmation for it then staple that portion to my copy of the order as well as email the customer the tracking number.

Why do I use clasp envelopes?

I use clasp envelopes for ALL jewelry bars and events because it helps to keep all those invoices together without relying on a paper clip. On the front of all my jewelry bars I always print a party summary sheet and staple to the front. I fill out appropriate boxes because then the day of I hold take that with me to plug into the GPS without having to search for address in email.

**BONUS** go ahead and write down MILEAGE to have for quick reference comes tax season!

I write my quick notes on the party summary while at the jewelry bar, like who wants future bookings and their phone number. In notes section I'll use that if hostess has an idea of her wish list so if possible I can try to have on hand for her party.

On the back side of the envelope is where while at a jewelry bar and I finish taking an order I immediately place in envelope then jot down name and subtotal to make it easier at closing to tabulate the party total.

I also make quick notes for myself to remember for example, the hostess may mention, "This person might contact you to place an order." I write these names down that way I can credit my hostess. This is also the space I use to breakdown the formulation of hostess rewards and credit for bookings so I can email her the details.

For Events: On front I write down date, name of event, address, if they asked for a donation or raffle item I wrote down what I donated too. I also try to go back and write down who won the the item/gift certificate just for my records. If lunch was purchased I also make note of those expenses.


You will find your own method and rhythm of works best for you. I am a visual person and if I I like high tech but old school in that I know if I write it down I take more ownership since it's in my handwriting therefore remember it better.

I have a really detailed memory and the type where if I cannot figure it out it drives me crazy, so with this method I know it's going to be in 1 of 3 places, on my clipboard, in the accordian folder or my Box. I really hope you found this informative and wish you well with so many great things to come this year.