Fine Arts News for Seniors

Fine Arts Opportunities for the Seniors of PCSD

Welcome to the Class of 2023!


I am so happy to welcome you to your senior year! It is time for the best year yet - YOUR Senior Year. As you look ahead to your future plans, I hope this newsletter will be helpful to you. I will update it regularly with information about scholarships, arts competitions, volunteer opportunities for service hours, guidance on college music and arts resume building, the audition process for schools of music, the state and county fine arts seals, and much more.

If you ever have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help you this year, please let me know.


Katie Anderson, Fine Arts Coordinator

Paulding County School District

770-443-8003; extension 10135


Check out the Redcoat Experience that UGA is offering!

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Info concerning scholarships which will be available this spring

Doris Butz Scholarship - Spring 2023 - Details Coming Soon


Georgia Department of Education State Fine Arts Seal

The State Fine Arts Seal is available to students who do the following throughout their HS career,

  • Students must apply directly for this seal via THIS LINK


  • Earn at least 3 credits of any one subject of fine arts (music, visual art, or theatre arts
  • Earn ONE (1) credit in either a CTAE course that provides a creative industry skill focus OR a fourth fine arts
  • Participate in at least TWO (2) fine arts related extra curricular activities
  • Participate in at least TWENTY (20) hours of arts related community service
  • Complete a capstone presentation on your experiences (The Capstone project is up to the teacher and may be agreed upon by the teacher/student collaboration)
  • Apply during the application window (link below) between January 1, 2023 and March 31, 2023.


Clarification Below for State Seal FAQs



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Paulding Seal - What is the difference?

In Paulding county, we have been giving a county Fine Arts Seal (pathway completion seal) for years - LONG before the state of Georgia developed the state seal.

The good news - the Paulding seal is easier to earn so if you earn the State seal you AUTOMATICALLY earn the county seal.

**You DO NOT have to personally apply for the county seal because your school does it for you once you complete a pathway.

Details for the county seal are:

  • 3 Units of Fine Arts Courses (The 3 units do not have to be in the same area)
  • The school counselor will reach out to Felicia Baker at the Curriculum Office through email on your behalf and request your seal.


College Fine Arts Programs to Check Out!

Georgia Southern

With almost 27,000 students, approximately 140 different degree programs, three campuses on a single vision of growing others, Georgia Southern University is already moving and ready for more. The historic brick streets or moss-dripping oak trees may make our picturesque campuses seem pristine, but there’s a lot of roll-up-your-sleeves work going on here. Research is focused on community impact. Teaching is focused on the students. And the students are focused on their future.

Check out the degree opportunities in the arts and humanities from Georgia Southern as well as the new Commercial Music degree program in the Music Industry.

These universities are just a FEW of the ones that we have communication from. When more share, we will share!