Nuclear Fusion

By: Anna Mertson

Nuclear Fusion as A Energy Resource

As of December 12th, 2015 the lab that I've been working so diligently on has finally all come together. Along with many other scientists, we have found a way to use and harness nuclear fusion (the same process the Sun uses to produce energy) and use it as an energy resource.

What is this?

Nuclear fusion is the process of two atom nuclei coming together at a high rate of speed and in turn releasing photons which is energy. This is completely different from nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is when an atom nucleus splits and in turn releases energy. Nuclear fusion produces much more energy than nuclear fission. It is a phenomenal breakthrough for our team. No one expected to be able to produce energy like the Sun does.

Safety and Precautions

Nuclear fusion has taken a long time to be developed because the danger that it can cause. It has not been much worked with due to the fact that it is hard to control the reaction in a contained space. Nuclear fusion produces so much energy, it is hard to contain. Good things have now come and we have found out even more about this amazing nuclear process. Nuclear fusion is not as radioactive and the fuel supply for it is nearly unlimited.

Future Investment

A rising population means a rising need for energy. Energy is currently being produced through polluting fossil fuels and the expensive alternative energies. Nuclear fusion is cheap due to the unlimited resources, it does not produce any greenhouse gases and it is far less radioactive than nuclear fission. Thanks to this new discovery we can now produce enough energy for our entire population at an affordable price.