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January 2023 Edition

Happy New Year!

We are already back in full swing at Theiss and ready to tackle this new semester. We hope that the holiday break gave you and your family time to reconnect and spend quality time together. As we begin the new year, we have several family and community events planned to bring us together as a Theiss family. Check out the important events section at the bottom of the newsletter and save the date!

The new year is such a great time for reflection and setting goals for success. Our students have been goal setting with their teachers over the last couple of weeks, and we can't wait to start recognizing students who are meeting their goals during this quarter. Students who have met a goal in the classroom will be recognized on announcements and will receive a certificate. A new bulletin board is up and ready to be filled with student names who are working hard to reach their goals in various topics and subjects throughout this semester.

As always, we look forward to working with you to help your child(ren) be successful. Thank you for partnering with our staff!

Mrs. Taylor

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Early Learning Extravaganza!

This event is designed for current PK students as well as new PK students for next year. There will be food, vendors, and campus and department representation. Check out the website linked below!

Early Learning Extravaganza website

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Your Pathway to Success: The Power of Choice Expo

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Power of Choice Website

For more information about pathways in Klein ISD, check out this site or the Power of Choice Expo!

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Who Do I Call?

Our staff has grown and changed this year, and we have many new families. We want to help you find the right people to help you with your needs. Please use this contact list to contact staff members directly responsible for the questions you have.

Attendance Basics & Updates

Attendance is very important to your child's education. Our attendance rate has a direct impact on student's learning and, ultimately, our overall accountability ratings. We know that sometimes students will need to be absent due to illness, family emergency etc. Please arrange vacations, out of town trips and doctor appointments to limit school disruption as much as possible. You can view student holidays here on the Klein ISD student calendar. When students accumulate absences at 5, 10 and 15, letters are sent to parents to keep you updated. After 18 absences, a committee must review the child's case to determine if the child needs to be retained due to absences.

It's also important for students to be on time to class. This year, the tardy bell rings at 8:10. Tardies will be entered into Skyward this year. Classes begin right after this bell rings, so student entering late are missing out on key instruction and interventions.

Process for Reporting Absences: All parent notes regarding absences must be either handwritten or reported using Skyward Family Access. Visit this link for directions on how to report an absence through the Skyward Family Access app and through the web application. You can also use Skyward Family Access to report an early dismissal request. Truancy letters are automatically generated after 3 unexcused absences in a short period of time. Please make sure to send notes through Skyward Family Access to ensure your child's absences are excused.
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Attendance Tracking

Attendance is tracked in 2 key ways based on laws governing school attendance. These laws require schools to inform parents when certain criteria are met. These letters are automatically generated through Skyward and will be sent home in Wednesday folders this year. What does this mean for you? Below is a general overview of both types of attendance letters that you may receive throughout this school year.

1. Compulsory Attendance: When we track attendance in this way, we are looking for students who are missing school based on benchmarks of 5, 10, 15, and 18. Even when absences are excused, we still must track how many days of instruction students are missing and evaluate at the end of the year if the amount of absences has created such instructional gaps that a student would need to be retained. Parents will receive a letter when a child reaches 5, 10, 15 and 18 absences. Administration will be reaching out to families at 10 and 15 to devise a recovery plan to recoup lost learning. At 18 absences, families will receive a "Denial of Credit" letter, meaning that the campus attendance committee will review absences and determine if retention should be considered.

2. Truancy: We track truancy by identifying students who have 3 or more unexcused absences within a short time period. This means, we have no information about why the student has not been at school, and are therefore obligated by law to investigate further. One way to avoid these letters being sent home is to submit absence requests into Skyward as soon as you know your child will be absent from school. Parents notes and medical notes are the best and easiest way to prevent truancy issues or concerns.

Letters are already begun to generate for this school year. If you have received one already, we hope that this helps clarify what you can do to help remediate attendance concerns.

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Early Dismissals

If you know that your child will need to leave school early, please send a note with your child the morning of the early dismissal or submit a request through Skyward Family Access. Office staff will give your child an early dismissal pass to ensure students and teachers know what time he/she needs to report to the office so he/she is ready for pick-up. Any student waiting for more than 15 minutes will be sent back to the instructional setting until the parent arrives. Parents are required to come in and sign the child out before he/she will be allowed to leave the school. Any early dismissal requests after 2:30 may be delayed due to the start of the campus dismissal procedures.

Legal Paperwork Updates

If you have legal paperwork regarding your child's custody arrangement or regarding people who need to have restricted access to your child, please bring the original document with the judges signature to the office so we can make a copy to retain in your child's cumulative record. We follow all the legal requirements of court ordered documents, and are able to fully comply best when we have the records on file.
Notes from the Nurse!

Please check out updates from the clinic. Many resources are shared in this document, including information regarding birthday snacks.


We love to celebrate birthdays with your child and will work hard to make it a special day for them at school!

However, sending invitations to school to pass out will not be allowed. Instructional time cannot be used to support or promote private social events such as birthday parties.

At this time, we will not be accepting birthday treat bags. If you would like to arrange for an edible treat to be shared for your child's birthday during the lunch period, please follow the KISD protocols and begin the process 2 weeks in advance. No food brought up to the office will be allowed without going through this process. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents Lunch Visitors!

As many of you know, we are growing as a student body, and space is limited for the many visitors that we have on a regular basis during lunch. To help ensure we have adequate space for our visitors, we assign designated days for visitor lunches. We will utilize the following schedule:

Tuesday: PK, 1st, 3rd

Wednesday: Kinder, 4th

Thursday: 2nd, 5th

We will continue to allow visitors to eat with students on their birthday. If your child's birthday was over the weekend, visitors can use Monday or Friday to eat with your child for their birthday.

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ROAR Core Values

In December and January, we will be focusing on the A, Always Collaborate. When students collaborate they are able listen to others, share their input, compromise and determine effective solutions to their problems or challenges. Collaboration is a crucial skill for our students to develop that will prepare them for their future.

As our students are noticed for showcasing one of our core values consistently, teachers can nominate students for a special Core Value Connoisseur award.

What's New for Valentine's Day?

This year classes will celebrate Valentine's Day on Feb. 10th, since Valentine's day falls during our mid-Winter Break. We will not have a formal party like the holiday party. Teachers will plan a fun day for students with engaging learning activities, a valentine exchange and a special snack (sponsored by PTO). Teachers will communicate specific details about the expectations around bringing valentines for their class in the coming weeks.

School-wide guidelines for valentines include:

  • No candy or food items will be accepted with valentines
  • Student lists of names cannot be shared with parents
  • Please address valentines with "to my friend", for example
  • No latex balloons will be allowed

This holiday is an especially good time to focus on giving back and showing kindness and caring for others. Our PTO room parents will help facilitate a service project for each grade level so that the love of Theiss can spread to others in our greater community.

Important Events

January 10 Learning Celebrations Parade

January 10 Nine Weeks Treats, sponsored by PTO

January 16 MLK Holiday for students and staff

January 17 Course selection night @ Doerre, 5:45 - 6:30

January 23 Gulf Coast Center Blood Drive - donor coach will be @ Theiss 2:30 - 4:30

January 23 - 27 World Kindness Week

January 24 Helping Hands, PTO volunteers

January 25 5th grade field trip to Doerre

January 27 Course Selection Due

January 31 Spring Book Fair opens!

Coming Soon:

February 2 Dads and Donuts, 7:15 AM

February 6 - 10 Theiss Gives Back Week, service projects organized by PTO

February 10 Hospitality Luncheon for teachers

February 13 - 17 Mid-Winter Break, Student holidays

February 21 Spring Individual and Class Picture Day

February 23 Spring Parent Night, 5:30 - 7:00 PM

February 24 Go Texan Day, Hoe Down

Save the Date:

March 1 - 9 Boosterthon Fun Run PTO Fundraiser

March 8 Spring Community Outdoor Movie Night

March 13 - 17 Spring Break

April 6 Field day

Playground updates

Our new playground equipment is here! In a joint effort between school funds and the generous donations from the community during last year's fundraisers, we were able to purchase 3 metal climbers and 6 swings to create another play space location for classes at recess. Pictures coming soon of our happy students enjoying the new playground!

Thank you to Owen McGlashan, Boy Scout troop 1811, for building the Ga-Ga Ball pit as his Eagle Scout project. Our students are having a great time playing this interactive game at recess. We appreciate the time, planning and work you put into making this project successful!

Thank you all for the investment you made to give back to our school. We could not do all that we are able to without the support of our parents, families and community. You are truly a blessing!

Missed Something?

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