Counselor Connection

A Counselor Newsletter for Teachers on Ms. Ross' Teams

Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons - Peer Relations Unit

6th and 7th grade will begin their 2nd Semester Peer Relations Unit in January.

The Peer Relations Unit will cover the following topics:

January - Bullying/Mistreatment of Students & Safe School Ambassador Strategies

February - Peer Pressure & Refusal Strategies

March - Diversity

BHS Peer Leader - Connor Noble (support for SIXTH Grade students)

Don't forget SIXTH GRADE!

I have Connor, my BHS Peer Leader here every Wednesday 10:30-11:00 to help with peer mediation, 1:1 mentoring/motivation, and some organization!

I'm in the office with him and the 6th graders each time also, so he is not doing it on his own, however, I've seen him in action, he is GREAT with our students!

Please let us know of students who could use his support.

National School Counseling Week ~ February 1-5, 2016

National School Counseling Week(NSCW) is a week to focus attention on the contribution of professional school counselors within in the US School System. NSCW is sponsored by the American School Counselor Association.

This year at FFMS, we have fun LEGO themed School Counseling Week Planned! And to thank you for supporting the FFMS Counseling Program on Wednesday, February 3rd, we will provide you with a yummy duty-free lunch in the PLC Room!

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