Something about me

Samuel Bridge

My name is Samuel, but i go by Sam.

I'm 18 years old and am interested in Math, Pottery, and Athletics, (primarily Lacrosse) . I am a student at Highland High and am in enrolled in a few classes, those being; AP 3D Art, English 1010, and AP BC Calculus. I have a dream of being an Engineer, hopefully electrical or mechanical. I also love pottery, in fact i love it so much i bought my own pottery wheel for at home projects, on top of what i make during school hours.

At one point in time (2008-2012) i lived in Denmark. While over there i learned two new languages, Danish and German. Denmark is like a second home to me and i visit as often as i can, visiting friends and revisiting old memories.

That's just a little something about myself.

I think that this website is useful and is a very logical and user friendly way to put together a presentation. I do think that I may use it again if I need to group together information or make a presentation.