By Grant B, Kazuki O


Hurricane are tropical cyclone from over Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean or eastern Pacific Ocean.Hurricane are form over warm ocean and when high pressure pushes in to the low pressure.It starts hurricane to form.

In hurricane, warm moist air get in and rise up. cold dry air get out and decreasse. Other air is spinning around the eye.Hurricane are categorized with these wind speed.

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There is evidence that SST is high around where hurricane passes through.Hurricane are taking up the moist from the warm ocean surface so they only passing through warm ocean. After hurricane passed, SST gets lower than usual. It means hurricane took away most heat away from the ocean.Few days ago, SST got high us usual.


I think that the temperature gets higher after a hurricane.when the
hurricane happened the temperature was rising then it dropped really

About 10 days to return back to almost normal weather patters but
never actually gets back to normal.


Hurricane are extracting heat away from the ocean by using dry air. Dry air takes moist and heat away from ocean.


I think that the sst is getting evaporated and it's getting too hot
and then once it evaporates the water under it is really cold.thats
why the weather never goes back to normal.