Westmoore Weekly

January 11, 2016


**Hope everyone had a great week back!!

**We will be welcoming a student teacher, Crystal Morgan, on Monday. She will be working with Mrs. Coble.

**Congratulations to Ashley Myrick as she is now a full-time employee with us.

**The heat has been officially turned on and will remain on until after Winter. Please do not open windows to cool your room. Use fans. If your room is too cool or too hot, please notify the office so that we can work on adjusting the set points.


*January 11 - Basketball at New Century

*January 12 - Parent Advisory at 6:00

*January 14 - School Improvement Team Visit 8:30 - 10, Basketball at Highfalls

*January 15 - Golf Capital Chorus for K-5 at 12:30


*January 18 - Holiday No School

*January 19 - School Improvement Team 2:45, Middle School Benchmark window opens

*January 20 - End of Grading Period

*January 21 - Basketball at SanLee

*January 22 - Optional Workday

*January 25 - Report Cards issued, Basketball vs. Elise

*January 26 - 3rd/5th to Symphony at PHS 10:45 (Lunch schedule - 4/6 at 11:00, K-2 at 11:30, 7/8 at 12:00, and 3/5 at 12:30)

*January 28 - Basketball at West Lee