K-2 Wing Newsletter

April 27 - May1, 2015

NWEA Update

NWEA completions, make-ups and retakes will take place Monday and Tuesday afternoons this week. A schedule will be emailed to you. Due to limited time, only scholars who decreased by 10 or more points from their winter score are eligible to retake the NWEA. I will email you a list of scholars who qualify in your class for retakes.

Field Trips

Check with T. Brown in the office to verify the status of any parent volunteer background checks. If parents do not have approval prior to the field trip, they will not be able to attend.

Teachers may not advise parents to keep their children home on the day of the field trip, whether due to behavior or lack of payment. Your grade level’s fundraising is to be used to pay for scholars who cannot afford the trip.

Scholars not attending the field trip:

1- If 8 or more scholars in your grade level will not be attending the field trip, one teacher from the grade level is required to stay behind with them for the day.

2- If there are 7 or less scholars remaining in the building, it is your responsibility to secure classrooms for them to stay with for the day. Please provide the scholars with enough work for the day as well.

3- For any scholars staying in the building, provide the front office AND Ms. Portia a list of names and their classroom location for the day.

On the day of the trip…..

1- Have a class roster or list to be sure you have all of your scholars when we leave the school as well as the field trip destination. We don’t want to leave anyone behind.

2- Take each scholar’s contact information for an emergency situation only. You should not be calling parents from the field trip to update them on their scholar’s behavior. This can wait until we return to the school.

3- Designate a team member to go to the cafeteria to collect the grade level’s lunches the morning of the trip. We are scheduled to depart from the school at 9:00 a.m.

4- Take hand sanitizer and/or baby wipes, tissues and a few band-aids.

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