The Cougar Connection

A Corporation Wide Newsletter

*From Mr. Gaff's Desk*


As I transitioned to Central Office, Alan often reminded me that there are two types of employees, those who are green and growing and those who are ripe and rotting. As the spring flowers begin to bloom, it is a good time to ask, where do you fall? Are you growing professionally, or are you wilting and slowly fading into the sunset?

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate yourself and your responsibility in the progress and climate of the district.

*Do you make Central Noble a place where people want to be?

*Do students and staff seek you out or avoid you?

*If you were a student at CN would you feel comfortable asking you for help?

*Have you spoken positively within the community about CN or are you spreading negativity?

*Have you given a high five or word of encouragement today?

*Based on the information you share outside of school, would your friends say you like your job?

*Do you seek out opportunities to help Central Noble improve?

As we finish the school year, we must reflect on the progress and climate of the school buildings. This can often lead to finger pointing and excuses. The reality is that the entire staff, instructional and support, impacts the progress and climate of the building/district. What difference have you made? Is Central Noble better because of your contributions?

Mr. Middleton also reminded me that, “The growing employees need to be nurtured.” For each person, that nurturing can look different. If you feel you have a professional need, regardless of your position in the district, contact your supervisor or building administrator, and they can help you find opportunities and resources.

Let’s work together to make Central Noble a place where people want to be.

Thanks for all you do.

Troy Gaff

*Special Recognition*

A special shout out goes to:

**Ty Schuller**

Ty is an unsung hero! The community is able to come out and enjoy sporting events, not realizing what goes on on the background. We've experienced some amazing athletic events this year so far. That means ALOT of background work for Ty. His extra effort hasn't been unnoticed. We truly appreciate all you do to make athletic events enjoyable for students, staff and the community!

**Pam Folland & Michelle Thiele**

These ladies go the extra mile for testing. Being in charge of this aspect is a huge undertaking. They are both very organized and graciously take on the in's and out's of these tests making sure they are ready, seeing to the test integrity and making sure students receive appropriate accommodations. Give them an extra Thank You!

**Darlene Grone & Stephanie Collins**

These ladies aren't just awesome bus drivers. They have both stepped up to the plate and have taken on Subbing with PESG. They both often agree to fill open positions while they are on their morning routes, coming in last minute straight off the bus. We appreciate their willingness to remain flexible and available!

**Kirk Magnuson**

Kirk continuously goes above and beyond for the Corporation, filling a role that is more than just bus maintenance. On these poor weather days, he is out driving roads, communicating with other Transportation Directors and our Administrators and making sure it's safe for our buses, staff and students to be on the road. In addition, he makes sure mini-buses are ready for use, often at the last minute, keeps our Corporation vehicles up in working order and steps in to help out in so many other areas without a second guess.

**David Worman**

Most of you saw the Salute to Service on NBC 33 this week where David was honored for his service to CN. It's a well deserved salute for sure! If you didn't catch it, be sure to check out the link on our Facebook page. We appreciate you David!

*New Logo Design Competition*

Designs are in, votes are tallied and the winner of our new logo has been chosen!

Congratulations to Nick Tayloe for submitting the winning design.

We have MANY exciting things in store with this new logo, so stay tuned to participate!

*Board Approves Co-Principals*

At Tuesday nights Board Meeting, the School Board of Trustees approved Co-Principals at the Jr/Sr High. The division of responsibility will allow the administrators to have defined duties to help us better meet the ever-changing needs of the students. The new format will allow us to utilize Mr. Moe & Mrs. Hoover's previous experiences and strengths. We look forward to the opportunities that the new arrangement will provide for not only students, but the staff as well. In an attempt to fill the voids left by the change, we will be hiring a Dean of Students to help with discipline and other administrative duties.
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*Board Meetings on Location*

The March 21st School Board meeting was held at the Jr/Sr High Cafe. The board and guests enjoyed snacks from the Family & Consumer Sciences classes and got a sneak peek of what the Art Show in May will hold. They also enjoyed performances from the Indoor Winds and Show Choir. We have some extremely talented students! Thanks to Mrs. Winebrenner, Mrs. Mault, Ms. Tomlinson and Mrs. Emmert for coordinating these treats!

Don't forget that the last of the "on location" board meetings will be held on Apri 18th at the Albion Elementary Multi-Purpose room.

April 18 @Albion Elem.

*Upcoming Events*

*April 3-7: Spring Break!!

*Friday, April 14-Good Friday, No School

*Tuesday, April 18: School Board Meeting @Albion Elementary