World Poverty and Hunger

by: Dylan Koehn

The Issue

Some say countries that are poor are doomed to stay poor. They say that as are our life saving technology gets better the world gets more and more overpopulated. People are saying that foreign aid is a big waste, because of this foreign countries that are poor are doomed to stay poor. In order for countries to get out of the "hole," all other countries have to pitch in. Other countries must donate money and other resources to countries that are not as fortunate. If all countries did this, there would not be super poor countries or super rich countries. All countries would be neutral.

Some Countries that are Suffering from Poverty.

Video and Personal Narative

World Poverty - The Facts


In order to remove poverty from the world or at least minimize it, everyone must pitch in. Everyone in the Fortunate countries must realize that their life if great and the life of someone else is terrible. They must realize that what they do effects the entire world, this is called global engagement. We have the ability to change the world, we just have to set our minds to it and think, "What if it was me?"