My Smore Flyer

Ode to Wilbur and Santino

Wilbur and Santino

Both fluffy,small and barks a-bunch

We also call them the Wells Fargo horses

Just because they're hyper

Wilbur is skinny

He is the most athletic

Out of both of them

And he is the most jumpy one

Santino is fatter

He is more lazy from both

But I would underestimate him

For he is the strongest


So sweet and sour

So easy to devour

Most people love candy

I think its quite dandy


Saxophones so smooth and light

Playing all day

And playing all through the night

Tuba so loud and deep

Its like an elephant

Louder than a car beep

Percussion has a wonderful sounds

All of it together

So many pounds

Trombone so bad to the bone

Up&down up&down

A roller coaster all around

Life Is LIke

Life is like a train

Life goes so fast

So quick

and already done

Its faster than the speed of light

That you can not fight

And once you get on before you know it

Another comes along


My family and I went to

The roaring Dodger Stadium

In California

It also knocked my socks off

Also with a side of

Hot steaming hat full of nachos

Melting my face like


Earth Day

The blooming roses on a enormous

May field

Clouds that looks like fresh

Fluffy cotton candy

The cool winds whispering

Into my ear

The juicy, tender oranges freshly


The thorns of a cactus as if it were a-bunch

Of needles

Elegy On Great Grandpa Wilfredo

When my Great Grandpa

Wilfredo passed away

Everyone was so devastating that

He was gone

My Great Grandpa Wilfredo

He was really intelligent

And polite

Everybody knew Wilfredo

Well at least he is in

A better place

He is on heaven now

He is in god's hands now

When I was a Kid

Running in and out of house

Orange’s fresh in the morning

Garcia my family name

Energetic every where

Roaring tigers at the zoo

Grabbing cookies from the cookie jar

Ate tacos every Tuesday

Racing my dad to the park

Cereal for breakfast

I love video games

At my house with my family

20 Years Later

Rocking with my friends

Okay life

Giving to the homeless

Expensive cars

Racing with my friends on my race track

Great kids

Awesome wife

California life

I live in a 2 story house next to the beach

All goals accomplished