By: Elie Wiesel

How the camp life changed people

The life of a prisoner made them think about if want to survive, they can't think about other people, they have to think about them selves. They can manipulate other people into giving them their food or letting people die so they can have another ration of soup and bread. Then there are people who keep their faith in mind and sacrifice their things for other people. It also made them forget about their family and go against them to survive. But it also made them be very unfriendly to other people and people they used to be friends with now hates their guts and are their enemies.


Elie Wiesel shows family is an important theme in the book Night, because for some of the prisoners family means everything to them and knowing that their family is alive is all that they need to know. Night also shows that religion is an other important theme. Religion helps people in the story keep themselves calm. Knowing that if they fight back then they are going against their faith, so they try to keep calm and faithful. Survival is also another theme that Night shows. In the book survival is showing that survival is what is the most important to most people so they will kill, beat, and manipulate others sot they can survive.

What Night reveals about me

I think it made me think about how I may think that I have it unfair most of the time or I have it hard but when I read about the holocaust, I realize that the Jews are the ones that really had it bad and unfair. I also realized that I'm lucky to have my family and friends and to not be deprived of my things and I'm think about myself sometimes.