Mexican people in America.

How does America represent Mexicans.

Mexicans in the news.

I have looked on a few news sites including, CNN and ABC news. If Mexican Americans are mentioned at any time it's either about a crime or how bad the economy is in Mexico. The news is very negative about Mexicans. It's not fair to the good Mexican Americans, not all Mexicans and Mexican Americans are bad people. Even if the news makes it seem that way.

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Trump statements on Mexicans

As you can see, Trump is extremely racist against all Mexicans. He just assumes that all the people coming over are rapists and criminals. He is very negative about any sort of Mexican Americans. Although, he has the right to say these things. Even if the things he says is extremely rude and racist.


Book examples of Mexicans

How Mexicans are mentioned in my history books.

The only mention they get is, "The fastest growing ethnic group is made up of Hispanic Americans." Also, "In many parts of the country, Spanish speaking Americans watch tv shows on Spanish language networks and listen to their favorite songs on Spanish language radio stations." They're thrown aside so Americans can show off all the wars they've won. In this entire book, these people only got two lines. Just two, even though they're a very big part to American history. The tiny part they're mentioned isn't negative but it isn't exactly positive. The part with the Spanish television made me feel like they were trying to prove the lazy Mexican stereotype.

Source: The Americas. Published by the North Carolina State University

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In conclusion

In conclusion, Mexicans are represented as lazy, partiers, that are desperate for help from America. We only value them for their music and Mexican food. We represent them in a very negative way. It's not fair that they have to be shown this way.