The Great Alaska Earthquake

By: Isabel Rodriguez

The Day it Occured

On March 27,1964 an Earthquake strikes. It caused tsunamis and massive landslides. It is the second biggest Earthquake recorded. But the first ever biggest earthquake in North America.


It was at a magnitude of 9.2. All though it wasn't deadly it was destructive. It is a category 5


It Damaged most of Alaska and some surroundings.

It destrode houses and buildings.

Causing crashes and a lot of dust flying.

Death Toll

It killed 131 in Alaska and 16 in Oregon and California. It did effect other surroundings but it just didn't kill in any other place. Sadly it did effect these. Most of the deaths though were caused by the tsunami rather than the earthquake.

How much money in damage

The Great Alaska Earthquake did a lot of damage wich caused 400 million dollars in ( 1964 dollars) wich is now 3 billion dollars. That is a lot of money in damage. Wich is bad since there were a lot of people who stayed homeless.


It did a lot of damage for an earthquake that lasted only 5 minutes. But it was powerful.

How Long Into the Crust

It was 14 miles deep into the earths crust.

Interesting Facts

The Great Alaska Earthquake caused the Space Needle in Seattle to sway from the vibration.

The Earthquake occured on Good Friday.

Some areas sank almost 10ft.

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The Aftermath of The Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of 1964 by Kylie Cob