What were early cars like?

A lot of the early cars were black. They were black because, black paint dried the quickest, which helped produce more, and sell more. They were sturdy and practical cars.

How were they different from cars today?

Today cars are a lot different than what they were back then. Today, most cars have powered windows, they more safe than what they use to be, cars come in a variety of shape, size, and color, and the gas mileage is a lot better than older cars.
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How does an engine work?

The piston descends, sucking air into the cylinder through open intake valves as fuel as fuel is injected. With all valves closed, the piston comes back up, compressing the fuel air mixture. Compressing the mixture delivers better power and efficiency. A spark ignites the fuel-air mixture, and the resulting combustion forces the piston into the bottom of the cylinder again. The piston comes back up, pushing the spent mixture out through open exhaust valves.
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How have cars changed the way people live?

People way back when cars were not a thing, could not travel as easily as we can today. We can pack up and go on long trips today, and back this it would take weeks upon weeks to travel. Also, getting to work or your job site is a lot easier. With horse and buggy, depending on how far away your job it could take hours, but with cars, it wouldn’t take any time at all.

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What is a car?

A car is a wheeled machine that serves as the most important form of transportation in the world.

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