David Jara

My Life

Out Of School Life

Currently I am Employed at a Local Calloways Nursery. I am a Customer Service clerk/ Loader. As a Loader i keep the store fully stocked on needed goods. I often do Carry outs requiring me to lug large bags of soil onto my shoulders and run them out to peoples trucks. I'm always very alert during this job; always checking to see who needs help and what needs to be re-stocked.

Freshman Year i was on the Junior Varsity Wrestling Team, I wrestled in the 122 Weight Class. On JV I was ranked number in my weight class and received a second place medal at a tournament.

All my life I have attended St. Anns Catholic Parish in Coppel Texas, I apply myself here quite often. Every Year I Participate in the weekly teen Church group. We meet every Sunday after church and twice a year we go on Retreats. Once a year i attend a Community service project called Mission Possible, its a 4 day event and we help out around Dallas Texas. Last Year I was stationed at a food bank and boxed caned food All day. The previous Year we worked at a complex for poor families and my team spent the day with the young kids.

Schools and studys

  • Bluebonnet Elementary
  • Shadow Ridge Middle School
  • Flower Mound HIghschool
  • Career Center East
While at FMHS I pursued a career in engineering. Sophomore year i attended the Career Center and had taken a bio-engineering/ bio-Tech course.

-While in Biotech/ Engineering

  • we Used Google docs for all Assignments
  • Learned how to create websites
  • Introduced to programming using NXT robots
  • Learned the Engineering Design Loop Process
  • Developed our own Agarose gel to preform electrophoresis
  • Used dilution formula to make 1x TAE Solution
  • worked in a group to develop a frog Heart Simulator
  • Dissected a Sheep Heart

Where I am from

I was born in Irving Texas, as my family had just moved there from California. I am the only one in my family to be born here. Irving was only a temporary home as i soon moved to my current home in Flower Mound Texas.

Things I like To Do

  • Frisbee
  • Baseball
  • Fish
  • Be at the Lake
  • Go to Church
  • Work with my hands
  • Constructing things


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