Guess What! We're the Best of DC!

It's Tiara Time

You voted! We won! I'm wearing my Upcycled Tiara!

We did it! Really, I do me "WE". I am what is known in my circles as a "Serial Entreprenuer" in that I have owned many small businesses over the years. This gives me the unique perspective to see what really makes a small business survive and even thrive and sadly-dive.

Sure you need to make sure your expenses don't overtake your income, but that's just a small part of the puzzle. The BIGGEST piece is attracting the right clients. Since we opened nearly 2 years ago, I have been delightfully proud of the types of folks who walk through our door every day. NO, seriously. I don't take this for granted. I have had the experience of some really challenging customers over the years (Did I mention I owned a Play cafe in Oakland CA at the height of coffee drink experimentation???. I finally sold it to a nice guy with black skinny jeans and a bike.- He's doing very well.)

I, however, wanted something more creative and I wanted to interact with folks who think outside the box like me. I don't think I could have asked for any better group of clients and friends than you. You know what we are creating and why, (saving the earth through art is no easy task) and your support has been tremendous and always uplifting. We love seeing what you create with our pieces and what you make after being inspired by our work or our classes.

Thank you Tanglewood Works fans for not just voting for us and helping us to win Washington City Paper's "Best Handmade Home Decor 2016", but for helping us win every single day by supporting our local independant small business. We couldn't do it without you.

PS- I promised to wear my upcycled Tiara if we won so check out my video below to see the tiara monstrosity that I wear with love :)

Be well and Be green,...


Senior Dumpster Diva

Best Handmade Home Decor Acceptance Speech

In case you missed last week...

I am a woman of my word! The proof: "COFFEE on MY head!"

Here's a little known #SeniorDumpsterDiva fact... I'm a serial Mommapreneur and a few years ago on the West Coast, when my kiddos were toddlers, I owned a popular play space and cafe in the San Francisco area called SadieDey's Cafe. Back then I entered the Bay Area Parents contest in 3 categories including "Best Place to Grab Coffee with a Friend." I promised if I lost that category I'd wear coffee on my head. Well, wouldn't you know they eliminated that darn category!?!? But this Mommapreneur and Senior Dumpster Diva is ALWAYS true to her word. Check out the video below and see ME with COFFEE on my head!
coffee on my head! (SadieDey's Cafe)

SadieDey's Cafe

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