The connections between Lacrosse and Science

Summer Fun

I played lacrosse this summer for the team Green Bay lacrosse. I played with my team and we played with other teams in Wisconsin. We practiced at the Bay Port on the practice field and we also praticed on the big turf field. We had around 7 tournaments in Milwaukee, Onida twice, and also at wasua twice and some other places. We played April through the end of June. My parents would bring me to the tournaments or Chuck would bring me something's. I play lacrosse because I quit baseball and needed a sport to play and I chose lacrosse also because natives made up the sport. Natives made up the sport and I'm native.


Lacrosse connections

The science of it when you throw the ball it uses inertia the explanation for this is It has newtons 3rd law of physics witch says with every action there exists an equal and opposite reaction. When throwing a lacrosse ball the stretch in the pocket and the motion of the ball is forced out of the pocket witch put into swinging the stick the ball gets forced forward as the reaction of throwing the lacrosse ball.

Another example is when you do a face off witch is when at the start two people try to get the ball or when someone scores they do it they use force to push the other opponent that is on the other team.


1. I wonder how many more connections to science?

2. I wonder if it has connections to all newtons laws?

3. I wonder if I could make any more connections to science?

4. I wonder if their would be any connections with the lacrosse balls?