The Tar-Pamlico River Basin

by: Madeline Williams and Jackson Oves

Information about the basin.

The Tar-Pamlico basin is the third largest basin in North Carolina. There are 2521 miles of river and streams in the Tar-Pamlico basin even though most of the basin is an estuary. In fact the Tar-Pamlico basin has 663593 miles of estuary.There is 472629 people living in the basin area. The Tar-Pamlico basin runs through areas like Aurora North Carolina Which is famous for there mining and the Aurora Fossil Museum. This basin also runs through Medoc Mountain state park and Goose Creek state park. The basin also runs through famous cities like our capital Raleigh, Franklin and even Pamlico city. The rivers of the basin are inhabited by many species of fish and ducks but the most common fish in the river is the Perch.

Quality of the Water

The water quality of the basin is good however the quality is getting worse over time. A point source of pollution is fish killings which is leading to algae build ups. To solve this we need cut down on fishing so that the fish can eat the algae. Non-point pollution sources are storm drains, fertilizer from farms and the deforestation around the area. To solve this we need to drain our water somewhere else, use natural fertilizers and stop cutting down trees!.

Mallard Duck

The mallard duck is one of the duck species found commonly in the basin. The mallard duck can also be found in most ecosystems in North Carolina.


A Perch is one of the most common fish found in the Tar-Pamlico basin.