My Holocaust Child

In memory of Doris Wholfarth

About Doris Wholfarth :

Doris Wholfarth was born October 28,1937 in Amsterdam, Holland . Siegfried and Helene parents of Doris left there home in Frankfrut, Germany three years earlier to escape persecution . Prior to that her father worked as an accountant for the German court, and ger mother was the owner of a small mail order business . Doris father lost his job in 1933 simply because he was Jewish . Realizing things would get worse Siegfried and Helene decided to cross the boarder into Holland .

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Doris Wholfarth

Concentration Camp

Doris parents Seigfried and Helene knew they would be arrrested soon , so they started distancing themselves from Doris , and trying to find someone to shelter her . They stopped hugging and holding her . Doris was only three years old at this time . Her parents were able to place her with a childless Dutch couple . Then they went into hiding on Friday , August 25, 1944 . The Gestapo located their hiding place and arrested them . Less than a month later they were sent to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland . Doris father was murdered there but her mother was transferred to a slave-labor camp . Doris and her mother survived the Holocaust .

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