Collect Subscribers on your Website

Embed a signup form to add subscribers to your newsletter

Grow your List

If you have a website or blog and would like to gather subscribers for your Smore newsletters, you can embed HTML code into the backend of your website. This code will create a signup form that will collect names and email addresses that will then be automatically added to your selected mailing list on Smore.

If you are not familiar with the way the backend of your website operates, we recommend speaking to your website administrator who will be able to do this for you :)

1. Go to your "Mailing Lists"

Hover over "You" in the upper right corner and click "Mailing Lists"

2. Choose the Mailing List you want the names to populate

Choose or create a specific list that you want subscribers to be added to. The list you select should be marked in red

3. Click "Settings"

At the top right of the form, select the gray "Settings" button

4. Click "Signup Form"

In the menu on the left side, go to "Signup Form"

5. Copy ALL of the HTML code

Under "Embed a sign up form," click "Select All" and copy ALL of the HTML code

6. Paste the HTML code into the backend of your website or blog

Refer to your website provider's documentation to see how to embed HTML code or contact the person who manages your website

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