Maze Runner

By: James Dashner

Survival Of The Fitest

When Thomas enter the maze with his memory wiped, he has to solve the maze, fight the grievers, destroy the maze, and most importantly, survive

Welcome to the Glade

Characters - Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Alby, Chuck, Gally, and Frypan

Setting - Time: the near future. Setting: the maze.

Genre - Realistic Fiction - can happen (Not likly thought).

Authors Purpose - To entertain the reader.

The Rest Of The Series

If you read and enjoyed The Maze Runner, there are three other books in the series.

  • The Scorch Trails
  • The Death Cure
  • The Kill Order
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Maze Runner Information

  • Lexile Level - 770
  • Recomendation - I recommend this book to people in need of an action-packed thriller witch pefectly shows that frendship that overcomes all.