Hillside Library

Fall 2019

Hillside Celebrates One Book, One School

There was no better way to wrap up November than with a school-wide assembly to celebrate Hillside's work around our One Book, One School initiative. "Say Something!" by Peter Reynolds was Hillside's choice because of it's message around the undeniable importance and power of words and actions. The book taught students that the world needs their voice, as their voice has the power to change the world. Hillside teachers provided many opportunities for students to engage with this message and understand the importance of "saying something". Students and faculty wore red to symbolize courage, as there is nothing more courageous than asserting the power of one's voice.

Our assembly opened with one last school-wide read of the book, projected onto the big screen in the All Purpose Room. At certain points in the book we paused, so fourth grade Safety Patrol could perform the four skits they planned (along with Mrs. Snyder!) for the audience, which exemplified the "say something" message. Students were then treated to a video celebrating all of the work they did around the book. After that, four Hillside students - Phinn Buckley, Casey Romita, Jordan Isidori, and Mae Weinstein - presented their take-home projects on historical and present-day young people who "said something" and made a difference. To conclude our assembly, Hillside Kindergarteners performed Power to Change the World by Red Grammer. It was an incredible, collaborative celebration of literacy and hard work by students and teachers alike!

Click the link below to see a compilation of the students' work around "Say Something!".


Other Library Happenings...

December in the Library

The Hillside library is buzzing with projects and activities leading up to our holiday break! Hour of Code week begins Monday 12/9, and students have started exploring coding in the library in a variety of ways. The book, How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk, is a title I love to share with students to introduce them to coding concepts. Kindergarten and second grade students have been using Kodable to learn foundational skills that are part of every programming language. Fourth grade students area exploring Box Island to apply the concepts shared in How To Code a Sandcastle (sequences, loops, and conditionals) to navigate this fun and challenging gameplay. During the rest of this month classes will also engage with our Dash robots, as well as with our Ozobots.

Third grade students have been having a blast exploring Google Drawings. Their current project is customizing a holiday light in Google Drawings via Google Classroom. This project has allowed them to engage with the Google Classroom platform, as well as get to know the functions and features of Google Drawing. This incredibly fun activity familiarizes students with the Google Drawings platform, which will allow ease of use for the additional creating we will do with it throughout the school year.

Fourth grade students have been wrapping up their comic strip creations using the online platform http://makebeliefscomix.com. Utilizing the skills they learned during their most recent narrative writing unit, students were instructed to draw on those skills to create a narrative comic strip that highlighted a "say something" message. Engaging with an online platform that allowed them to create a narrative in a format they all love (graphic novels!) has been a wonderful digital literacy opportunity for the students.

First grade students are using our PebbleGo non-fiction database to begin to build information fluency skills. Students are learning that activating their background knowledge on a topic prior to taking in new information is so important because they can make connections between new information and information they already know, increasing their understanding of the new learning. We are exploring the Animals section of PebbleGo and will also be learning how we can use facts and our background knowledge to answer basic research questions.

Kindergarten students are reading winter themed books - Snowmen All Year and gingerbread stories. Students have had the opportunity to discuss and draw what they would do with their snowman if they were able to keep it throughout all four seasons! Needless to say, if this could actually happen, there would be an abundance of snowpeople at Chemka Pool come summer!

Have a wonderful holiday season! I look forward to new books and continued fun in the library in 2020!

- Ms Nedwick


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