Haley's Coaching Corner

Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


  • First grade created a Math CFA during backwards planning to formatively assess students understanding!
  • Our Title 1 tutors are fantastic! They are excited to support you and your students.
  • Camp was a success! Way to go, 5th grade!


Assessments are due this Wednesday, September 30th

Please make sure as you begin new clusters that you start out by viewing the Curriculum Writers' videos located on Eduphoria. These are meant to provide clarity for the content in the upcoming clusters.

Math Updates

5th Grade:

  • Upcoming Cluster 1 lessons on Patterns and Equations have been revised
  • MSTAR update from TEA: The administration window is extended to Oct. 16th for the Screener and Oct. 23rd for the Diagnostic Assessment.
  • Cluster 2 with overview video is all loaded.

4th Grade:

  • Cluster 2 Planner, number talks, and instructional videos are loaded. Lessons will be coming this week. Cluster 2 instruction does not begin until November 2nd.

3rd Grade:

  • The first week of Cluster 2 lessons are posted, and we will be completing the remaining lessons this week. The Cluster Planner, overview video and CBA are posted for BP4L.
  • October 1: Job-embedded PD (one math teacher per campus to attend) 12:30-3:30 at CTE.


  • They will be working on curriculum for Cluster 2 this week.

Problem Solving

Need some help getting problem solving focusing on the mathematical processes started or want to talk through the kinks? I would love to be your thinking partner and brainstorm a plan together.

Key Points:

  • Lone Star Problem Solving is to be used as a bank of word problems to choose from. You do not need to worry about the before, during, and after teaching actions.
  • The plan below fulfills all of your problem solving minutes
  • The focus is on the process of working through a problem, not achieving the right answer.
  • The Problem Solving calendar below includes an example of how you might gradually release each process to the students (link to calendar below)


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Exemplars Login

New staff should have received an email from Exemplars with login instructions. If you didn't receive them in your "inbox", check your junk mail or clutter. Returning staff will continue to log in as you always have, your passwords will not be reset.