Volume 1 Issue 17

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Love
Thought of the Week: A team with talent can be good. But they must come together to be great. -Jon Gordon
Fun-day Monday: Assuming the Panthers win tonight...Panthers gear and jeans!
Fun-day Friday: Wear jeans and your most stylish Valentine/Love themed gear!

Important Information

  • Thanks to everyone who came to the Hornets v. Heat game. We had a blast! Check out our Twitter account for pictures of the event!
  • Mix It Up day is Friday! We encourage you to really "pump up" this event with your students. It's a great way for students to get to know others that they may not normally talk to. We are asking that everyone (office staff, support staff, etc.) eat in the cafeteria on that day. Also, there will NOT be any teacher tables that day. What a terrific opportunity for you to sit with and get to know some of your students or someone else's students on a deeper level. Mrs. Hart will provide you with more detailed information regarding the event. Thank you in advance for your participation.
  • There will be a faculty meeting Wednesday. It is VERY important and all staff are asked to attend.
  • Our Faculty Members are really making an impact! Read below to find out about some of their achievements!
  • Katrina Wilkerson received enough donations to complete her DonorsChoose request. As a result, Katrinia will receive funds for a science unit that will feature tadpols and live habitats. Congrats Katrinia!
  • Amy Wilson and Jessica Bryant received a $500 grant from Family Trust to fund the purchase of Reickenracks! Congrats Amy and Jessica!
  • Last, but certainly not least, Melissa Purcell has been nominated to receive the Life Changers Award. The Life Changers award is given to teachers that are making a significant difference in the lives of students by exemplifying excellence, positive influence and leadership.
  • BREAKFAST!!! If you have a child that needs breakfast or did not receive breakfast, please send a note with that specific child to the cafeteria. With so many children coming to the cafeteria in the morning, we need to be sure that the correct children are being charged for the meal.
  • ONE CHILD AT A TIME!!! Have you met with your student lately? Be sure that you are taking the time to work with your selected student. They really need your mentorship and guidance. Soon, we will ask for an update on what you have done and what changes you have seen.

Most Valuable Player

The MVP award for the week goes to Cindy Caldwell and Jennifer Burnett. Read below to find out what their co-workers had to say about them...

I watch Cindy all day as she addresses students and parents in a variety of situations; sickness, personal issues, medication needs and on and on and on…

For most of her day Cindy works with students who feel terrible, some who can’t even communicate “Where it hurts. When Cindy talks with the parents, she talks about their babies like they are the only children in the world.

Cindy’s love for our students is evident every day in the professionalism and grace in which she handles each and every situation.

Congratulations Cindy!

Jen goes above and beyond to serve her special education students and provide them with a top notch education. She only has to serve one student in my math class for inclusion everyday, but she works with all the students. We do a lot of co-teaching together, and it is amazing to see how enthusiastic the kids are when learning with Ms. Burnett! Because of Jen's willingness to "work as a team", I am able to have more one on one and small group instruction going on during guided math! Jen is an incredible teacher and co-worker!

Congratulations Jen!

It's the first quarter of the Super Bowl and I am signing off! Go Panthers! Have a great week!