Mrs. Veal's Fifth Grade Class

Home of the ThrillSeekers

What's Up?

Math- We have been working on division.
Science- We learned about the parts of plant and animal cells.
Social Studies- We learned about Union and Confederate Generals during the Civil War by making "trading cards" (similar to baseball, football, or basketball cards).
ELA- This week, we read about the September 11th attacks and we completed our first Writing Test.

What's Next...

In Math, we will be starting to learn about decimals. Your child will need to know how to write decimals in expanded, word, and number form. They will also work on comparing decimals.
We will also be working on our Panther Pride Project this coming week.
On Tuesday, we have our first 4-H meeting.
Friday, the 19th, we will be traveling to Nash Farms for our Field Trip.

Nash Farms Field Trip

Here are some reminders:
*If you are planning on attending, please meet us there at 9am.
*If your child is bringing a lunch from home, please only send in things that can be thrown away- no lunchboxes.
*I will have a small cooler for students to put their milks in, but not for lunches. Only send in food that does not need to be kept cold!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 25th from 6-7:30. Students will be presenting their Civil War Museum projects that evening.

Our Top Students This Week

AR- Congratulations to Mason P. and Thomas P. for earning 5 AR points.
First in Math- Jordan G. has over 1300 points and Davion D. is at 1000 points.
ALEKS- Sean D. and Makinlee L. still lead, but David M. and Jenson N. mastered lots of concepts this week!

Keep up the great work, kids!