No More Curfew

"Only good things happen after midnight"

How to get rid of curfew

Curfew is a law that takes away from the freedom of teenagers. It's a silly rule that affects all teenagers no matter where you live. It prohibits you from being able to do anything outside, no matter where you are, after a certain time. If you want to join the millions of teenagers who have already taken a stand, follow these easy steps:

1. Find out who in your area made the law. It is usually by the city council or town hall but it is different for every city.

2. Get support to help change the law. Try to get a mix of kids and adults (18 or older) because of the fact that kids aren't allowed to vote so the representatives won't look at their opinion as meaningful like they will for adults who can vote.

3. Find the representative that represents your area of the city and contact them by calling their offices

4. have a meeting with him/her and show them the petition that you have created and make sure that you remind them that they are representing the entire city's opinions

5. Attend town meetings and show how much you care about the topic and make sure you show them how much it means to you.

6. Know that if you are the only one that creates a petition, it is less likely that they will consider changing the law. Convince your friends or any other person that would be interested in taking action and standing up for what you know is right.