Short Writing Assignment Three

Sub-genre writing explorations


One way to explore a genre is to analyze standard models like we did for MWA 1. However, another method is to investigate the elements of a subject and apply those elements to an original composition. This is what we will be doing for MWA 2.

For SWA #3, select a subgenre from the genre map or one of the ones examined in this unit that interests you. From there, create a creative piece that models that genre. The work can be original or it can be a repurposed classic work of literature. For example, you may choose to create a Graphic Fiction form of one of “A Rose for Emily” or a fan fiction piece from The Hunger Games trilogy. The length of the work will depend on the sub-genre chosen.

After completing the creative piece, each student will write a 1.5+ page explication of their work. The explication will offer an analysis of your piece and how it demonstrates the qualities of your selected subgenre.

  • *Please bring three copies of your sub-genre piece to class on the given day. One is for me and the other two will be distributed for reading among your classmates. You may leave your name off these two copies if you wish to remain anonymous.
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Paper Specifications

Page length for the out-of-class revision

  • The sub-genre draft must be a minimum of 3 pages typed. The explication is 1.5-2 pages.
  • Drafts that do not meet the minimum will not be evaluated and will be given an automatic grade of F (50). Do not try to get around this requirement by making the margins, spacing and font larger. Please also note that this is a minimum length requirement.
  • The Works Cited page is not part of the minimum page requirement.

Format: Margins, Spacing and indentation, Font, Pagination, Heading, Title

  • 1” all around
  • Double space throughout
  • ½ inch indentation of the first line of a paragraph
  • Times New Roman 12 pt font
  • Identification of your last name and page number in top right margin, ½ inch from the top margin.
  • See your Little DK Handbook for instructions on how the heading should be formatted.

You will need to include your name, my name, the course name, and the date. An example essay in MLA format is in the Little DK starting on page 126.

The title of the essay must not be:

  • Underlined
  • In quotes
  • Boldface
  • In a larger font
  • Surrounded by extra space

Late penalties

  • Please see the syllabus for late penalties.

Use of 1st and 2nd person pronouns

  • Never use “you” or “your” unless in a direct quotation. Its use is informal and indefinite.
  • Avoid using “I” as well. There is usually a better way to write the sentence.

Works Cited

  • Works Cited is required.


  • This assignment is available for revision if submitted on time and it meets the minimum page requirements