Traditional Literature

Dr. Stearns

Ralph Fletcher: "Writer's Notebook"

Brittany and Cassidy

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What Do You Remember?

Do you remember learning about fairy tales, folk tales, myths, and/or fables growing up?
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Fairy Tales

Read the book.
Create a triple venn diagram sharing the similarities and differences between the books.
Include: characters, setting, perspective, theme, hero cycle, special numbers, etc.
Be prepared to share your findings.

The Twelve Labors of Hercules

Divide up the 12 labors and read them.
Discuss the 5 types of literary conflicts seen throughout.
Character vs. Character
Character vs. Himself
Character vs. Society
Character vs. Nature
Character vs. Fate

Author: Steven Kellogg

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Fairy Tale Task Cards

•Take your task card and find a partner.

•Ask your partner the question on your card, while the other person answers it.

•Switch cards and then go and find another partner.


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Read your folk tale with your group.
Where does your folktale take place?
Choose the Subgenre on p. 175 that matches your folk tale.

Hercules Continued

Choose the order that you would do the kings labors independently. Then as a group, come up with a plan that you can all agree on.

For Next Week

•Post two Traditional Tale books to facebook

•Meet at the Denton Public Library


•Part 1: (5 points) Evidence of 20+ books and call numbers shown to me when you walk in the library.

•Part 2: (5 points)

•Evidence of 20+ books with info written or typed in chart form.

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