Figurative language

Definitions,examples,and storys


Definition: A phrase using like or as


My mom is as grumpy as a bear if she does not have her coffee


Definition: A phrase not using like or as


Your heart is gold


Definition: Giving human qualities to nonhuman things


The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky


Definition: A group of words whose collective meaning it quite different from their individual , literal meaning

It´s a pieces of cake


Definition: A statement or figure of speech to not be taken literally


My old grandpa is older than dirt

The Best Birthday

Stacy woke up extra early because it was her birthday. When she went down stairs her older brother was eating breakfast." why are you up so early?" Stacy asks her brother James. " well you do know the early bird gets the worm,"(Idiom) James said. " seriously why up so early," Stacy said in a annoyed tone." I woke early because its someone's special day" James said in a baby voice and poked Stacy's nose.

Later that day her mom would not get off of her back( hyperbole) about being 12 years old. Stacy's gest started to arrive too. " ok everyone in the living room to open presents," Stacy's mom yelled to everyone. Everyone gathered in the living room and Stacy sat in middle of room. Her parents gave her first present that grandparents got her. It was a book and the pictures looked like movie on paper.(personification) Her next present was from her aunt and uncle it is was a dress and it was a ruby in the light. (metaphor)Then her last present was from her parents it was a rose gold iPhone 6 and Stacy screamed like she was in a horror movie(simile) because she was so exited. Jumped up and hugged her parents so hard.