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Published February 23, 2020

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NxGL2 Summit

I will be out of the building on Monday at a conference. I contemplated staying back so I'd be at the building, but the information that will be shared is too invaluable for the future of our school for me to skip it. I promise if I miss a day for PD, it's to benefit all of us.

This is where I'll be:

These are my notes from the day:

Calendar Information

Living Calendar

1.75 years into this journey, maybe I have a solution for our calendar woes. I created a Living Calendar that EVERYONE has access to so you can add to the calendar anything going on at the school that we all need to know about.

The calendar is in Sheets. When you are in a cell, use Alt+Enter to put text on the next line.

This is also accessible from the Bally Site on the Living Calendar page...or click this link.

Upcoming Deadlines

March 6-10: Placement exams for advanced ELA and Math completed in Mastery Connect.

March 17th: Placement exams taken by all student hoping to take advanced ELA or math next year.

March 18th: Grades in IC, Work Skills scores entered in Google Doc

May 10th: Summer assignments submitted to Bowles (reading, math, writing)

Waving Days for Next Year

Based on your feedback from the waiver survey, these will be my recommendations to council:

1. Swap August 10th and 11th. PD on Monday, Opening Day on Tuesday, Student Opening Day on Wednesday.

2. Swap May 2021 PD Day for August 7th.

3. Waive one P day for Curriculum Night and We Are Bally Night. To occur end of August for curriculum night and mid-September for We Are Bally Night.

4. Waive one P day for 3 hour parent-teacher conferences in October. (end of month on a Thursday)

5. Waive one P day for 3 hour student led conferences in March. (end of month on a Thursday)

After council approves the recommended calendar waiver, Sara and Erin will conduct a vote. Your vote will be to either accept the council's recommendations or not. If you don't vote for the recommendations the calendar will stay as written. There will be no further votes.

These waivers mean that you will not work any of the "off days" we have in the 20-21 calendar. We will finish our PD days before school starts.

Schedule Changes This Week

2 hour delay on Wednesday (K-Prep field testing)

1 hour reverse delay on Friday (pep rally)

PBIS reward during SEL on Wednesday.

Schedules are on the Bally Staff Site.

This Week's Observation Schedule

Tuesday: Kron Summative, Fay Formative, Dillon Post, Stephens Summative

Thursday: Laura and Lindsay Formative, Steinbrunner Formative, Kocin Summative, Herrmann Summative, Peek Summative

Friday: Wood Summative, Michels Summative, Davis Summative

This Week's Meetings

Monday: Faculty Circle Returns, Science Team

Tuesday: Social Studies Team, PBIS Tier 1

Wednesday: PBIS Tier2/3, Weekly Custodial Meeting

Thursday: Office staff meeting at 10:45, Conferences 4-7

Admin team checks in daily from 2:45-3pm to catch up on the day.

Unit Planning Days

We're going to line up Unit Planning Days with subs for the four cores in March, likely the week of March 23rd.

UA--I'd like to do a half day for you guys as well. We'll try to make this happen. I'd like you to be able to participate in an activity the rest of the building will be doing on their unit planning days.

Faculty Meetings (Circles and Vertical)

February 24th: Circles resume and are focused on SEL preview for upcoming week

February: Vertical Meetings at scheduled times

March: Vertical Meetings ALL ON ONE DAY--purpose is SBG school calibration (March 12)

April: Vertical Meetings ALL ON ONE DAY--purpose is scheduling/room assignments (April 16)

MAY: Vertical Meetings at scheduled times

2020 Planning Meetings (1, 2, 5, 7)


February 25 and 27: Unit Planning (everyone attends)


March 3: Calibrate a 1

March 4: Calibrate a 2

March 5: Calibrate a 3

March 11, 12: Fine-tuning SBG

March 17: Behavior PLC

Rather than PLC days for unit planning, we will do a full day sub day for each group of teachers. 5 hours will be dedicated to unit planning and proficiency scale cration, 1 hour will be dedicated to PIneapple Charting (more info to come).


April 1: Behavior PLC

April 2, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 30: Hold for final unit planning, unit adjustment, proficiency scale adjustment, common assessment creation


Hold for anything K-Prep or end of year related and ATMs