Quinton Bailey


the Chernobyl nuclear power station was build to carry energy to Kiev, the third largest city in the soviet union. Friday April 25, 1986 control manager Alexander Akimov an engineer Leonid Topunov were ordered to carry out poorly designed tests.


At 1:23 reactor 4's power dropped an a dangerous surge occurred. as the reactors core rods were being lowered into the reactor they jammed causing a massive explosion and releasing radiation into the air.


3 days after the accident the 50,000 people of Chernobyl were told to evacuate the city. but the damages of the accident already effected many people. Radiation had already began to kill the surrounding environment and harm the local people.


After the accident millions of acres of forest and farmland surrounding chernobyl were ruined an thousands of people were forced to leave there homes for ever.


Friday April 25, 1986. In Chernobyl Ukraine

Lesson behind all this?

Don't be cheap while building nuclear reactors.. Don't do bad tests on your cheap Reactors.