Mount Vernon Education Association

Welcome back

Have you caught up?

Almost one week of students under our belt.... the first week is busy catching up and getting use to a new schedule.

My goal as the MVEA President is to send out a monthly newsletter. I'll update you about information sent from our Uniserv Office or state level that affects you.

School Board Candidate's Night

Tonight there is a forum at the Mount Vernon High School Commons at 7:00. All of the school board candidates will be there and answering the same questions.

There are 5 candidates running for 3 open positions.

I am hoping to have a recording of the event for those that can't make it. This week's Sun should also have interviews of the candidates for your reading.

If you aren't a resident of Mount Vernon, please become educated on the candidates in your home school district. These votes are so very important, especially as unions have lost many of their bargaining rights.

Contract - 2 years

I am so happy that we were able to get a two year contract last year. If you see any school board members - thank them. This was bigger than even I was aware. Those schools that didn't get a contract are having to recertify this year. That is a vote that all eligible members of the district have to vote to give the association the right to bargain. Those schools are voting in the next month. We won't have to do that for two years.

In talking with Dr. Batenhorst, we will start talking about developing a handbook. An attempt was made 3-4 years ago to develop a handbook, but it wasn't completed. If you are willing to be on a committee to do this, please let me know. We want to have volunteers from all three buildings so that everyone's needs are represented. The handbook will cover some of the items we no longer can bargain for. New territory for all of us.

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