NDMS 6th Grade

January Newsletter

General Announcements

  • Jan. 19 - No School, Holiday
  • Jan. 23 - No School, Teacher Workday
  • Jan. 28 - 2nd Quarter Reward, Ice Skating
  • Jan. 29 - Report Cards go home

Language Arts

Mr. Brooks

Students in Mr. Brooks' Language Arts classes have begun a unit on forming an argument and reading to form an opinion. Students will participate in several mini debates and be responsible for writing persuasive essays that support their opinions. Students will also read several opinion pieces and evaluate them critically. Vocabulary, fluency, and grammar instruction also occurs daily!

Mrs. Whitehead

We have been reading a short story called "Through the Tunnel" which is a symbolic tale of a boy on a path to maturity. As soon as we finish this story, we will begin the book Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. We are continuing to work on stems (word part meanings) as well as some grammar. We have changed reading homework some. Please check my webpage for each night's homework as well as an explanation of what is expected. Students are still required to read nightly. This is an invaluable way to increase your child's reading ability. Please encourage this every day!


Mrs. Lowery, Ms. Lyerly

Math classes have been working hard with ratios and unit rates. This is a major portion of the 6th grade curriculum. We have focused on real-world scenarios and examples. Some classes have done several 3-Act Math problems that help us see how we use ratios, rates, and proportions in our everyday lives.


Ms. Baldwin, Mrs. Lowery, Ms. Lyerly

In sixth grade science classes, we have become "rock hounds" who identify minerals by their color, luster, streak and hardness. Soon we will investigate soil, soil conservation and how, as 21st century citizens, we can protect and maintain our earth.

Social Studies

Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Whitehead

Students have been immersed in a study of Ancient Egypt. They are amazed (and a little grossed out) by the mummification process. Next week we will be discussing Egyptian religious beliefs as well as accomplishments of the Egyptian people.

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2nd Quarter Reward

The end of the 2nd quarter is quickly approaching. We will have our quarterly reward on January 28. Students who have not received any referrals or Fs during the 2nd quarter will be going to the Winston Salem Annex to go Ice Skating! This is always a fun trip because a lot of students have never ice skated before. Students will report to school as normal, attend their elective classes and eat lunch at North Davie. We will depart from school a little before noon and return before the buses leave. The cost for this trip is $8/student, which includes a skate rental. Permission slips will go home next week to those who are eligible. Thanks to those students who are always on the PROWL:)

Parent Volunteers

If any parent is interested in volunteering one to two times a month for approximately 1-2 hours, please let us know. Teachers can always use help with things that need to be filed, sorted, copied, etc. You can send an email to any of your child's teachers or to Mrs. Roberts at the front office (robertsde@davie.k12.nc.us).