Kindergarten P.E. Newsletter

December 2015

What Have We Been Doing??

November was filled with lots of learning, movement, and fun!!! The Kindergarteners got their first taste of floor hockey and learned about stick safety and the fundamentals of stick handling, passing, and shooting. We also dedicated a week to throwing while playing the game Battleship where we focused on stepping with our opposite foot. Many students were able to have success while throwing to a target. To round out the month, students played a game called Indiana Jones. In this game each student has a chance to run through the temple to get the golden skull and bring it back out of the temple. While they are doing so, the other students stand on the side and try to slide bean bags and hit Indiana Jones in the foot. The sliding of the bean bags is a great lead-up skill to eventually rolling a ball for sports such as Bowling.

What's Next on the Agenda???

In the next couple of weeks leading into break we will be playing a game called King Pin where our students try to practice rolling foam balls to knock down other player's pins. While they are trying to knock down pins, they also have to protect their own. King Pin is a great lead-up game for the sport of Bowling which will be coming in the Spring. The week before break, we will be doing some relay games in which our students have to work cooperatively to decorate one of their teammates with various objects and equipment from the gym. Can you believe it is almost winter break already???