December is here!

What new books have arrived?

Interesting new work by some favorite authors!

Some of you may remember Jennifer Nielsen, she came to visit our school two years ago and talked about her False Prince trilogy. Her new book, A Night Divided, is very interesting because it's historical fiction set in Germany. No, not during World War II, but rather during a more recent time. How many of you know about the Berlin wall? Can you imagine waking up one morning and discovering a huge barbwire and concrete wall has gone up dividing the entire country in half? It really did happen and this is the story of one family who ended up on either side with no way back.

I'm a big fan of Sarah Prineas and have read her Magic Thief series at least three times (and we have the novella that wraps it all up as an ebook). Ash & Bramble is the retelling of a fairy tale. Boring, you say? What if I were to tell you that everything you thought you knew about fairy tales was a lie? Anyone familiar with the movie, The Matrix? Let's just say, take nothing you've been told once upon a time, for granted.

And of course you can't talk about story retelling without talking about our friend Adam Gidwitz! (He's our friend because he came to visit a couple years ago and was/is AMAZING). If you're interested in Star Wars you might want to take a look at his new book (it's the second in the trilogy, we have the other two as well but they were written by other authors.)

Introducting a new collection!

We're starting a new collection here in the library. It's very small at the moment but we're hoping to grow. What is it you ask? Foreign language books! To start off we have books in Spanish, French and Chinese. Hopefully at level you guys might give a chance which is why our very first two books in Spanish are Captain Underpants and Judy Moody & Stink. Let me know what you think. Too hard? Too easy? How hilarious Professor Poopypants is to say in Spanish?

What's hot in non-fiction this month?

As you know, I can't pass up a good non-fiction book.

I couldn't believe the stuff in Safety Stars. For example, did you know that coaches would forbid goalies to wear a mask? And it wasn't until 1979 that helmets and masks were required! CRAZY!

And if you're interested in spies and detectives and the wild wild west, you've probably heard about the Pinkerton brothers. But did you know that they discovered and foiled an early assassination attempt against Abraham Lincoln?

I'm sure you're wondering what's so special about Millie Benson. Anybody out there ever read Nancy Drew? Do you know who wrote those? Well Carolyn Keene is the name on the covers but that was actually a pen name for...Millie Benson! And this is her story.

Last but not least...ebooks!

Upper School, these are for you (mostly). I just realized there is a theme with the books showed below. It was unintentional for me to make them all outer space seeming. In fact, Orbiting Jupiter is very much based in reality. Set in a small poor town in Maine, it's the story of Joseph, a fourteen-year-old who's fostered out to a family after getting out of juvenile detention. All he wants is to find his baby daughter whom he's never met before. However, a clean break is not easy when your past still haunts you. (Guys...bring kleenex if you read this. In fact, just carry the box with you.)

These Broken Stars is actually set in outer space. It's a love story of epic proportions! We're talking star crossed lovers, literally! And there's danger and eminent death, space ships and maybe a kiss or two. It's out of this world! Ha!

And An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes is not set in space. But there is an epic road trip with four friends, some Dungeons and Dragons, break ups and coming outs and overall a feel good story about taking chances.