Digital Citizenship

How it Can Impact you

Digital Dirt

Do you remember that picture you took of yourself. Yes that really unflattering one. You thought you deleted it but it is still out there. still see it all the time and this is called digital dirt. Digital Dirt is anything that you posted online about you. Any one and every one can see it. Nothing is personal if you post it online. so do not post stuff you do not want any one to see.

This Digital Dirt can hurt your feature. Employers, College advisers, and Others look at this when you apply to them. they may not accept you because of things you said or you have done. They easily have access to all of it. It all is out there.

Too Much Screen

Are computers slowing us down? Students at MIT are always multitasking and computers are letting them do this. Their teachers say that the work they receive is less than stiller and that students are not doing it to the best of their ability. Watch the videos below to find out more.