Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

Week of October 12th - October 16th

Important Updates

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful fall day today!

  • Interims went home on Friday. Please return it signed along with the envelope.
  • Picture Day is Wednesday. This is when the yearbook pictures are taken. Our time is 9:25 in the morning.
  • If you are having trouble signing up for a conference, please let me know and I can help you. Here is the link again:
  • Papa Johns Pizza Delivery night is this Thursday!!! Please order a pizza!!!!
  • Parent information night on the new grading policy and interims is on Monday night from 6-7 at Spring Run.
  • There will be a science quiz on Wednesday!!
  • Friday is Ms. Geng's last day. (sob sob) We will miss her, but wish her luck with her time at Swift Creek in Kindergarten.

What is going on this week in curriculum?

Math (My math class only)

  • Monday we will begin our unit on fractions. The students will be practicing writing them and reading them.
  • Tuesday we work on identifying fractions on a number line.
  • Wednesday we have shorten math due to picture day. We will be exploring making a whole using pattern blocks. Homework will be on Dreambox.
  • Thursday we explore equivalent fractions and mixed numbers.
  • Friday is a quiz on fractions. Then we will practice converting mixed numbers and improper fractions back and forth.
  • All students should have joined the Edmodo math group.

Reader's Workshop

  • This week begins our two-week window of DRA reading testing. Each student will be evaluated on fluency, words per minute, accuracy, and comprehension. The results will be shared during parent/teacher conferences.
  • While students are working on DRA testing, the other students will be working on independent reading assignments.
  • Homework is to read 20 minutes every night.
  • We continue reading chapters 9-16 in our global read aloud book, Fish in a Tree. We will be virtually visiting our partner classroom in Michigan. We will also watch a video of the author answering some questions about the book.

Writer's Workshop

  • We begin working on our personal narrative drafts this week. The students will choose an idea or draft from our writing notebooks.
  • The students will be sketching the three main parts of the story and adding sensory details. Then the sketches will be translated into writing.


  • This week we will continue working on our weather unit. Monday we will be studying warm, cold, and stationary fronts and the weather they bring. There will be some videos on Edmodo to help with this.
  • Tuesday we will be studying meteorologists and the weather tools they use. There will be a review sheet for HW on air pressure, fronts, and tools to help prepare for the quiz on Wednesday.
  • Wednesday will be a quiz on: properties of air, high/low pressure systems, warm/cold/stationary fronts, and weather instruments.

Virginia Studies

  • The first social studies test is always an eye opener for the students and parents. There is a lot of material and studying is a must. The students were allowed to complete test corrections in class on Friday to earn some credit back. This will not be done for every test.
  • The social studies interim grade did not include the test grade from last Wednesday. This grade will be averaged in to the report card grade.
  • The students return to social studies with Mrs. Keller on Thursday. They will begin learning about the Virginia Woodland Indians, their language groups, and tribes. There are "silly sentences" that will help with remembering these.