AHUMC Choir Notes

September 3, 2013

Hope you had a good week

I missed our time together this week. I hope that you had a good Labor Day. We will resume rehearsals next week. I look forward to seeing you then.

Have a good week.

Ruth Ann

Playing Schedule

Sunday, October 20 at 4:00 Sacred Sounds Concert

Sunday, November 17, all services.

Sunday, December 8, all services.

Below: Tryptych: Hearts Journey by Quinn

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For those who mourn: Prissy and family in the death of her father in July; Frances and family in the death of her father in July; Lori's son and daughter-in-law in the loss of the baby in July.

For those fighting cancer: Molly P., Erwin M. (Glenda), Gary G., Roger L., Ann L., Virlie's cousin, Chris D., Alix (Cynthia's sister), Keith R. (Billie), Linda Tucker (surgery 8/12)

For encouragement: Gary Bethke (Jane Ann) having surgery on Wednesday,David R., Carolyn J., Elizabeth N., Ashley Roper and her family

Good travels for Wanda Steward in Florida with her daughter and grandchildren.

For new college freshmen: Ben Parmer, Matthieu St. Romain, Miranda Dunn (MItzi's granddaughter), Travis Wert, Harley Jones.

Below: Psalm 5, Hallelujah Morning by Virginia Wieringa

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Happy Birthday - Billie Rollins (September 1) - grateful for her amazing faithfulness to our choirs - Yes...she is in three choirs at our church!!! Ken Thomas (September 4) - grateful for his new granddaughter and his compassionate soul. Bethann Parmer (September 6) - grateful for her faithfulness to the choir and for all her years of support for New Zion. Sue Dial (September 7) grateful for her wise and settled soul and her faithfulness to the choir.

Tom and Carolyn Spurgeon's daughter, Jennifer, was married earlier this month.

Carol and Ron Ross expecting and new grandchild any day!!

Grateful for all who teach and guide our children. We are grateful for the educators and counselors in our choir. Also grateful for Sunday School teachers.

Chancel Ringers have a new member. Welcome Ashley Person!!

If you haven't met our newest singers to Sanctuary Choir, Patsy, Laura and Jim, please introduce yourself to them. We are grateful for their presence. Suzanne Miles attended rehearsal last week. She is a former student of Mary Lou's.

On the Light Side

A husband and wife were driving home one night and ran into a bridge abutment and both were killed. They arrived in heaven and found it was a beautiful golf course with a lovely clubhouse and fabulous greens. It was free and only for them, and the husband said, "You want to play a round?"
She said, "Sure." They teed off on the first hole and she said, "What's wrong?"
He said, "You know, if it hadn't been for your stupid oat bran, we could have been here years ago."
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O Lord, we are all in waiting time,

Waiting to see if this school year,

our children will find that spark that will reveal who you have created them to be;

waiting to see if we are able to rise up to the challenge you have placed before;

waiting to see that if we do exercise – like they say – if it will really make us feel better; waiting to see if the prescribed treatment will work;

waiting to see if we really can trust You.

And we are looking, O Lord Jesus Christ, for you;

we want to seek you, forgive us when we forget that you are for us and with us;

we want to trust and remember that you have lived all that we are living,

that you have been here…where we are…and that you are here…among us…. in us.

Help us to lay our waiting and our searching at your feet so that this evening,

we can sleep well because we know that you are with us in our waiting.

And you, Holy Friend, are waiting also, for us to realize that we have been found,

and all of our circumstances are within the boundaries and pleasant places

that you have set for us. Amen.