New Movie: Much Ado About Nothing

By Sam Wilger

Actors that would Play the Part Well-Beatrice

Amy Adams would fit the part for Beatrice well because of not only her physical traits, but her personality as shown in the characters she played in other movies. She first of all is a girl, and she can do everything that Beatrice does and shares some of her strengths and weaknesses. She seems difficult and hard when she snaps back and gets to the point but she also has room for love.

Actors that would Play the Part Well-Benedick

Ewan McGregor would play the part for Benedick well mainly because of his resemblance to Benedick in the original movie Much Ado about Nothing. He also shares some strengths and weaknesses of Benedick such as being very excitable and tells people what he really thinks about ideas that other people have. He also can be sure of himself like Benedick and will always maintain confidence in himself like Benedick.

Actors that would Play the Part Well-Don Pedro

Ian McKellen would play Don Pedro well as he can act like a wise leader as seen in the films he has played in. He sides with the main character just like Don Pedro and will believe what he hears. He can demonstrate his leadership abilities that Don Pedro has along with Don Pedro's caring personality.


Three Biggest Plot Events That Pretty Much Sum Up Much Ado About Nothing

Event One: Don John deceives Claudio who slanders Hero at their supposed wedding.

Claudio slandering Hero brings the interesting part of the movie. The evil that Don John set into motion convinced many people that Hero should die. Even Hero's father Leonato wished that his daughter be dead. This reveals that Claudio and Leonato believe everything that they hear and see and will do rash things because they take it for fact.

Event Two: Claudio finds out he was deceived and rights the wrong.

After hearing the confession of the person who directly deceived Claudio, Claudio was told by Leonato to right the wrong by professing that he slandered Hero to the entire city by writing an epitaph for her. Claudio agrees and does what Leonato told him to do. This shows that Claudio is not evil like Don John. This also moves along the plot by defeating the evil that Don John set into place.

Event Three: Benedick and Beatrice along with Claudio and Hero get married.

In the end, everything turned out OK. Well, not for Don John. This shows that in the end, the truth is known and good prevails. It also shows that all the characters are forgiving. This event bring an end to the story.

Song that Pertains to a Theme of Much Ado About Nothing--Love

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This song talks about love. It tells that love can be blinding like Claudio thought he was when he was deceived. Even thought Claudio was deceived into thinking love was blinding him, love can still be blinding. Claudio jumped into love with Hero in one day and did not even think about who Hero really was. Even though she turned out to be innocent, she could have been guilty of the blemishes that she was accused of.