Hoopster Times

By Brad Hoffman

Alan Lawrence Sitomer

218 Pages

Disney Publishing Worldwide


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Character Discription

Andre loves to play basketball with Shawn and Cedric. He has 2 sisters, his mom, and pops. He works at a magazine place where he is a writer. He loves to write and writes stories that are top sellers and read all over his town.

Plot Summary

In "The Hoopster" the main character is Andre. He plays basketball with his cousin, Cedric, and his best friend, Shawn. One day Andre goes to see Shawn at boyscouts, since he is the leader, and meets the girlscouts leader, Gwen. He talks to her and later takes her to a magic show. They hand out a lot after that and then he takes her to a fair where he wins her a stuffed panda. THen they get into a big fight and Gwen throws the panda at him and storms off. Later she feels really bad about it so she tells Andre to meet her at the cafe at 8:00 PM. When it hits 8:00, Andre leaves his job at the newspaper place and walks to his car, when he gets to his car, people from a white van come out, tie his hand to the car, and slammed the car door on his hand 5 time, crushing 23 of the 27 bones in his hand. He wakes up 3 days later in the hospital with his family, Cedric, Shawn, and Gwen there. Then Cedric says he is going to get the people who did this, but Gwen doesn't like the idea so she leaves. Andre doesn't speak for 5 days but then Shawn gives him a present and it is a sculpture of his right hand. Then at the end Andre goes to a Ceremony where he his the guest of honor for the newspaper and gives a speech about it. Then he goes back to his life, playing basketball, hanging with friends, and working at the newspaper place.


The conflict is how the people beat him up and they are trying to find him and how he got into a fight with Gwen.

Quotation Explanation

"The Hoopster" is said many times in this book. It means that he is good at basketball and that he can make hoops on and off the court.

Book Review

I really enjoyed this book and I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.