Forged by Fire

By: Lauryn Landrith Written by: Sharon M. Draper


The book Forged by Fire is about a boy named Gerald who starts off having a bad life when his mother Monique leaves him home alone. Gerald ends up living with his Aunt Queen. During his time with Aunt Queen his mother is released from prison, later she comes to visit Gerald for the first time and suddenly Gerald is forced to go live with his mother Monique, his stepfather Jordan, and a little girl named Angel. While Gerald is living with his new family, Jordan is a very abusive to everyone. Gerald and Angel decided to get help from a boy named Robs' father Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington helped the children get Jordan in jail. Little did they know Jordan would soon get out of jail and come back into their lives. Once Jordan gets back the children are grown up and Gerald can protect Angel. Jordan moves back into the house with Monique, Gerald, and Angel. After awhile Gerald joins the basketball team at school and Angel joins dancing, both of the activities helped them block out their problems at home. Gerald's only happiness is Angel, she can bring the good out of Gerald. One day Gerald gets a call from a girl named Keisha saying that Rob, one of his best friends has been killed in car accident. Gerald was crushed. After the death of Rob, Gerald wanted to quit the basketball team but he stayed anyways. One afternoon Angel was going home from dance and she went to their apartment. Once she got in she started to cook some hot dogs, while she was cooking them she smelled Jordan walk in and he has been drinking heavily. Jordan forced Angel onto the bed, they didn't even realize the house was on fire from the hot dogs. Gerald saw smoke coming from the house, Gerald ran to save Angel and he did. They soon figured out that Jordan didn't make it out of the house in time and he died. Monique, Gerald and Angel all rode to the hospital after the tragic accident.

Author Information

Sharon M. Draper is a former English teacher. She has wrote many books, many of them being best sellers and award winning. Sharon is 67 years old and was born in Cleveland Ohio. In 1997 Sharon was the National Teacher of the Year. Sharon has also won six Coretta Scott King Awards.
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Description of Characters

Gerald: Gerald is the main character in the book. Gerald has had a bad life except when he lived with Aunt Queen, but when she dies Gerald has to live with Jordan, Angel, and Monique. Gerald feels that it is his job to protect Angel from Jordan, Gerald is also on the Basketball team for his school.

Aunt Queen: Aunt Queen is Gerald's aunt. She keeps Gerald while Monique is in jail, and she has a disability. Aunt Queen gives love and care to Gerald, but dies from a heart attack.

Monique: Monique is Gerald and Angels' mother also Aunt Queens sister. Monique has a boyfriend named Jordan and she is head over heals for him. She'd do anything to make him happy.

Angel: Angel is Gerald sister and Monique and Jordan's kid. Angel loves to dance and stay with her cat Tiger. Angel is the main one abused by Jordan.

Jordan: Jordan is the step father of Gerald and the father on Angel. Jordan abuses Monique, Gerald, and Angel a lot by hitting them and forcing them to do things. Jordan dies in the fire at the end of the book.

Rob: Rob is one of Gerald's best friends. He's the best player on the basketball team and always does good in school. Rob dies in a car crash.

Mr. Washington: Mr. Washington is Rob's dad. Mr. Washington helps Gerald with many things involving his life at home. He was Gerald's person go to person to get him to help with his problems at home.

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  • Gerald is left home alone.
  • The house caught on fire.
  • Monique goes to jail
  • Gerald goes to live with his Aunt Queen
  • Monique gets out of jail
  • Gerald learns about his mother coming to visit
  • Gerald meets Angel and Jordan
  • Aunt Queen dies
  • Gerald goes to live with Monique, Angel and Jordan
  • Jordan abuses the family
  • Jordan gives Angel Tiger
  • Gerald tells Mr. Washington
  • Mr. Washington tells the police about Jordan
  • Jordan gets arrested
  • Angel joins a dance group
  • Gerald plays on the school basketball team
  • Jordan gets out of prison
  • Monique gets hit by a car
  • Jordan moves back in
  • Jordan gives Monique drugs to make her pain go away
  • Jordan's air conditioner goes missing
  • Jordan smacks Monique and punches Gerald
  • Jordan plays nice again
  • Monique gets mad at Jordan
  • Rob dies in a car crash
  • Gerald and Angel check on the Washington family
  • Mr. Washington gives Gerald Robs' basketball
  • Angel comes home from dance and starts cooking hot dogs
  • Jordan comes in the house and hes drunk
  • Jordan forces Angel onto the bed
  • The hot dogs catch on fire
  • Gerald sees the smoke and rushes to save Angel
  • Gerald finds them in the bedroom
  • Gerald tries to get Angel but Jordan breaks his leg
  • Jordan rushes out of the house leaving Angel and Gerald
  • Gerald and Angel start to get out
  • They trip over something and fall to the ground where they found clean and clear air
  • They make it down the stairs
  • Monique and the firemen find Gerald and Angel
  • They were put in a ambulance
  • They all figure out Jordan is dead
  • Tiger finds Angel
  • They then drive to the hospital
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