Ms. Tiffani's Class News

Week of September 7th

Important Dates

Sept. 7th - No School

Sept. 10th - Book Order Due

Sept. 24th - Family PBIS activity (see below)

Sept. 25th - No School

What Are We Learning???

This week we are talking more about feeling words, labeling your feelings and being a good friend. We will make a feelings book, glad/sad puppets and a friendship quilt. Also, we are introducing the question of the day. This is a daily question used as a "sign in" for the kids. Examples include: Are you a boy or girl?, Are spiders an insect?, Are you happy or sad?, etc. I use these as conversation starters and also as review of material we talked about.

This week we are talking about the number two (writing, quantifying, tallying, using a ten frame, etc.) with Number Bear. We are also introducing our Mat Man using the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) curriculum. With this curriculum we use the language Big Line, Little Line, Big Curve, Little Curve. This is what we use to teaching letter writing as well. Please let me know if you would like a copy of the way we are teaching letter formation using HWT.

Speech-Language Group- September 8-11, 2015

We will identify our picture and follow a direction to place the picture in a named container- basket, box, or can. We will continue to learn the words and recall the sequence of actions to the "Friends Song". We will describe action pictures using subject pronouns (He/She), the copular verb form "is, present progressive verb tense (-ing) endings, and utterances of at least 3 words.

A Note From Kristy

Hello! I hope that you and your child have enjoyed these first couple weeks of preschool! We are all settling in to classroom routines, and it has been very fun to see the kids adapt to new preschool friends and new preschool experiences! I just have a couple reminders for you as we continue to get to know kids and families:

· We use the Creative Curriculum system for preschool. We are currently in the “Beginning of the Year” study, but you will start to see your child move into other exciting inquiry-based studies within the next couple of weeks! We are also completing baseline assessment on each child, and will use this information to help plan learning activities to challenge all of our preschoolers. Our goal is to build your child’s skills and abilities…we are excited to partner with you this year as we engage in this process! We will have a sneak peek of our social-emotional framework for families on Thursday, September 24th. You will be invited to join your child during the last 30 minutes of their preschool day so that you can learn about our social expectations and reinforce those skills at home.

· Thank you for signing your child in/out every day. We participate in the CACFP snack program this year in an effort to minimize the cost of preschool for our families. Because this is a Federal program, there are some requirements…accurate attendance records would be one of those requirements! This program allows us to provide snack at no additional cost to families. We realize this is a new process and can slow things down a bit, but we appreciate your help. Signing kids in/out also provides an extra layer of precaution and safety to those busy transition times before and after preschool.

· Thank you for being mindful of preschool starting and ending times. We do not have staff available to supervise children before/after preschool, and you help us maintain safety by staying with your child until the start of the preschool day and promptly picking your child up at the end of the day. As a reminder, morning preschool runs from 8:30 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. and afternoon preschool runs from 11:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

· Tuition will be due starting on September 15th. I am in the process of entering all of the automatic payment information into our Tuition Express system. If you have not turned in your yellow Tuition Express form, you need to get that turned in prior to 9/15/15 or you risk a late payment. Once that information is entered, I will send out your unique ID so that you can access the system and print off statements for tax purposes. Just a reminder, ALL tuition questions need to be directed to me. Your child’s teacher does not manage the financial information for your family.

· I visit classrooms during the week, so I sure hope to see you all at some point! Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me if you have questions or would like to meet with me. It is a pleasure to work with your child, and it is a job that all of us take very seriously. Thank you for trusting us to care for your child during their preschool day!

Kristy Feden

Supervisor of Early Childhood


District News

Papillion La Vista Community Schools is seeking talented individuals ready for a rewarding career as a paraprofessional working with students with special needs. A variety of positions and hours are available with most ranging from three to six hours per day. Opportunities exist at both the elementary and secondary levels and pay $11.84 per hour. Our paras work the same calendar days as students are in school. If joining a team of caring and dedicated staff members committed to serving the needs of students with special needs appeals to you, please use the link below to apply today!