Americas Ups and Downs

By Krystal Ramirez


Indian Wars

I am ashamed with how badly Americans had treated the Natives. It was truly unnecessary to nearly kill all the wild buffaloes. All the natives wanted was to live in piece but instead we take their land away from them to give to other settlers that say they need it more. Thousands of Indians died trying to protect what was rightfully theirs in the first place. This much Blood shed was unneeded.

California Gold Rush

Speaks mainly all for it self. You have boom towns and ghost towns and an amazingly good profit off of gold. It did well for Americas economy I believe it was handled quite well despite the property turmoil. It provided new opportunities for everyone around and because of it Americas population grew.

Tough Times In the Gold


In an effort to make natives more civilized Americans forced them to get rid of their culture even change their names. Frankly to me that seems very much unreasonable to get rid of a beautiful religion that means so much to this world and we treat it like trash. It is almost or just as bad as what Hitler did to the Jewish. Is it not bad enough that we took their land and their food away now we must take their beliefs its truly irrational.
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Push Factors

Most of the time people will leave their home country in search of a better home(most likely America) because they are be politically bullied or religiously harassed. Oh the irony, we cant accept our own natives religious and political beliefs but we will allow others. Now don't get me wrong I'm am over joyed with the fact that we can be a haven for Europeans. I only wish that America could be a haven for Indians as well.
migration pull and push factors


Americans split up Indian territories to give to settlers who wanted to start a new. Given to those who "needed it". We had no right to take away their land. It wasn't ours to begin with but in an effort to move west we do so anyways.
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Ellis Island and Angel Island

Both islands managed to do their best to bring in as many foreigners as they possibly could. Ellis island brought in the Europeans on the east side and Angel island brought in the Asians on the west side of America. Of course they had to send some back to their home country in case they might endanger the ever growing population. I am upset with the fact that the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese took a longer and more through process the the others it seemed unfair to them.
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Political Bosses

Although they helped foreigners find homes and jobs they used their power to overwhelm the new comers to do what they wanted. Most of the time they had them vote for the people they wanted to be elected. There is both good and bad reviews I can say about the bosses but over all they did what was best for the society.
History of Immigrants and Political Bosses in America

Building up not out

skyscrapers helped out a lot when it came down to office space, job opportunists, creative new ideas , and much more. It helped maintain wildlife conversations and preservation. The factories that made the steel gave off a lot of pollution that would sadly also destroy our ecosystems.
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Chinese Workers on Railroads

Wanting a better life in America the Chinese found easy pay working on Railroads. Sadly they were treated poorly by their bosses. Even though they did their best and lived in poor conditions for little pay they were still treated badly. While others working on the east side of the railroad didst have to handle all the hash conditions that the Chinese had to deal with. I believe that we as Americans could have done a better job to provide for our foreign employees.
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National American women suffrage association. I agree 100% in this for without them many women would still think that their thoughts should never matter. Without NAWSA gaining women rights we would most likely would never consider African American rights and I would not be friends with my best friend today. I am proud to be Called an American Citizen just because of these brave women.
National Women's Party Documentary

J.D. RockeFeller and Standered Oil

The oil industry provided a wide variety of new ideas and inventions. Although it also served as a major threat of to much power. Gaining more control then the governments them selves it began to take over slowly. But like i said before it provided possible new ideas. Lets face it everyone is happy when they get their first car.
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Ida B. Wells

helped the world notice the wrongs of what Americans/ white men and women did to any black colored skin person just because of their physical differences. A muckraker like many other she stood for African American rights. She gave the people the true sight of what was happening down in south America. A women to be reckoned with I am also proud to be an American because of her actions.
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The Panam Canal

Although obtained for a good cause. I believe it was unnecessary for the war to happen just to get a strip of land. I believe that Theo Roosevelt should have found another peaceful way to obtain the canal.
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Open Door Policy

This was made so that everyone could control a little bit of China to make a profit off of in some way or form. I am almost happy with how America dealt with this instead of having the main 6 powers. We made it so the everyone had a chance. Sorry China.

Rough Riders

Controlled by Teddy Roosevelt. They had a wide variety of cultural and lifestyles amoung them. From cowboys to college boys, Natives and gamblers.
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Word War 1

Wilsons 14 points

Done only to try and prvent future wars. I am proud that someone finally found a way to prevent death. sort of. These 14 points made a point of what tended to start a war.
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Reprations of War Without Victory

Not everyone was happy about this. Even though every country wanted Germany to pay for what they had done America believed that they had enough humiliation with losing the war and said no.
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Conscientious Objectors

A group of men wanted to help out in the war but didn't want to kill anyone because of their religious beliefs.
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