Welcome Bethany Powers

At the very heart of the21C Extended Learning Program is excitement. The afternoon hours provide a wonderful opportunity for play, creativity, and exploration; giving students more time to follow their interests. Helping in these learning expeditions is staff member Bethany Powers, an environmental educator working at the Barnet and Peacham schools. “Since I was their age,” referring to the K – 8 students involved in the program, “I have gotten real excited about being outside where I could play detective, uncover things, watch and listen to the world around me.”

During college, Bethany took the opportunity to learn even more about the natural world and this dynamic planet we call home. Since graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in biology, geology, environmental studies, and cultural geography, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to share, teach, and learn from others. It is this interest and passion that brought her to the 21C program. “We are all in this together.” she says on a bright, crisp fall morning. “Learning should be a joy we share with each other….my job is to work with teachers, our Site Coordinators, volunteers, and parents to help make it happen for our students.”