Why does our Treasurer role need to evolve?

By 2016, we will be near capacity at Houston Sportsplex.

By 2016, we estimate approximately 700 playing members ("members").

Between 2006-2015, we experienced 40% growth...based on the following numbers:

  • In 2015, 639 members and 38 teams.

  • In 2006, 369 members and 24 teams.

Today, we have outgrown our Quicken and excel accounting software, and our current cash and check writing practices.

My goal is to transition our league to credit card processing. Compared to one similar sized NAGAAA 501(c)(3) league, our league has written approximately 25x more checks.

I need your support!

What needs to evolve?

Player dues. Members have consistently communicated that player dues are too high. I will evaluate the possibilities to reduce player dues in 2016. We currently have $70K+ savings. This means the members have overpaid on their taxes for several years. Members are still waiting on their IRS refund! I will work to give more back to our membership.

Scorekeepers. Members have consistently communicated that they just want to play ball! Scorekeepers will enhance the playing experience. And scorekeepers are critical for ratings. In my experience as ratings chair for three years, I completely agree with the members. I will work to find the budget allocation monies necessary to provide the members scorekeepers beginning in 2016.

501(c)(3). We cannot afford for our community of donors to hear that we lost fundraising money. Controls around our cash and assets need to evolve. For both financial security and safety, I will work to add controls similar to a small business that prevent us from taking avoidable risks from carrying cash greater than a certain dollar level.

Grant program and more softball. With our finance committee that I currently Chair, I have begun developing a grant program. The funds will be used to give back to our membership, to our beneficiaries and to evaluating options for securing more softball field options for more softball!

QuickBooks software. With our finance committee that I currently Chair, I have begun implementing a new accounting software. For the first time, monthly financial statements can be presented to the board and the managers council. This will also allow for budget to actual reviews to evaluate the results of each MSLA event.

Am I the right person?

I have the experience to evolve the Treasury role.

In my current role as Corporate Controller at a $600 million oil and gas company, I work every day to implement repeatable processes and controls.

For example, I manage a credit card program for our crews. In that program, we removed cash and checks from the crews to eliminate risk. I will work to implement a similar program to reduce cash carried and number of checks written.

In addition, I am a:

  • Former Board Member, Finance and Treasurer, Houston based non-profit, 2006-2011;

  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant), in three states including Texas;

  • Former external auditor KPMG, 2000-2012.