Clarks Creek Chronicles

April, 2016 - News and Notes to Keep You Connected

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A Note From the Principal

Dear Parents,

As we move into arguably the busiest part of this school year, we also look ahead to next year! I have a few details that I can share with you in regard to how we expect things to move forward into the 2016-17 school year.

  • As many of you are aware, some of our classroom sizes have been fairly large. We have been given permission to hire two new teachers for next school year! This will allow us to add sections next year to third and fourth grade. In addition, the sixth section of first grade this year will move up to second grade next year. These changes should allow us to have very manageable class sizes all across the building! A small amount of construction will take place in the building this summer to accommodate these changes.
  • Some parents have asked about making requests for next year's teachers. We do not accept parent requests for a child to have a particular teacher. Most children will do well with any of our teachers. However, if your child has very specific learning needs, you can feel free to email me with those details and we will do our best to find a great match.
  • In the past several years, students have been given the name of their new teacher for the following year toward the end of school and participated in "Step-Up" where they went and were able to meet that teacher. This worked fairly well on most occasions, but certainly had its downfalls. Several of you experienced that last year when we were able to add a section in one grade level at the last minute (which was a great thing!), and children had to be moved to create balance in all of the classes. While it all worked out in the end, it was challenging! We had begun discussions last year about restructuring Step-Up, and all of the elementary principals have made the decision to follow the model that Van Buren has used for the past few years. Instead of students meeting one specific teacher at the next grade level, they will "step-up" to meet all of them. Students interact with all of the teachers in their grade level, to different extents, depending on the grade, so this should be helpful. Classroom rosters will be released one week before school begins. Students will still have a chance to come in and meet their new teacher before school begins at the supply drop-off night. We believe this will help us maintain the best balance of students in classes since we have many students move in over the summer and will help us avoid any issues with students believing they will have one teacher but later being assigned to another. We will share this information with students, but your communication of this change in a positive light to your child will be helpful. Kids are often much more open to change than we are as adults!

I think that about covers it for now! We will enjoy these last two months of this school year while still looking ahead with excitement and anticipation for next year!


Marisa Donovan, Principal

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This Friday, we will celebrate the life of former Clarks Creek student, Caleb Steely, by dressing as superheroes! Caleb loved superheroes, and we have teamed up with Van Buren for this fitting tribute for Caleb, who passed away last month. Donations will be accepted on Friday for a fundraiser. As an avid reader and user of the public library, we know Caleb would want others to have the same opportunity. A "Little Free LIbrary" will be purchased with monies raised; any additional funds will be used to purchase books. Check out the "Little Free LIbrary" website for how it works, and help your child be ready to be a superhero on Friday! Those who are not able to donate are still encouraged to participate as a fun way to honor the memory of our friend.
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The Book Fair is THIS WEEK!

The Clarks Creek spring book fair is this week - April 11- April 15th in the Town Hall area of the school (outside the main office). The theme is "Feelin’ Groovy Book Fair:" Peace, Love, Books!

The book fair will be open Monday through Friday during the school day for students to shop. Additionally, parents may stop in anytime during the school day to purchase books. This is a great opportunity to stock up on books for the upcoming summer break. The book fair is located outside the main office and will be open from 9am-3pm.

The book fair will be open during Grandparents' Night on Thursday, April 14th from 4:30 - 6:00.

Click the Link Above to See the Website Calendar

This list is likely not complete, as many teachers schedule special events over the last couple of months of school. Watch closely for info coming home in your child's teacher's newsletters for any other important info!

  • Book Fair! Classes will have shopping times and the fair will be open for Grandparents' Night on Thursday

  • 4/14 Grandparent's Night 4:30-6pm

  • 4/14 School Board Mtg 7:00pm Superintendent's Office

  • 4/15 Superhero Day - Fundraiser for Caleb Steely Memorial "Little Library"
  • 4/18 to 5/6 ISTEP Testing - Part 2

  • 4/19 4th & 5th Grade Choir and 5th Grade Music Program - Choir begins at 7:00 in the gym, with the music program following

  • 4/22 Walk-a-Thon - scheduled by grade level in the morning

  • 5/2 - 5/6 School Staff Appreciation Week

  • 5/4 Fourth Grade Field Trip to Statehouse/Museum 9:00 - 2:00 p.m.

  • 5/4 - 5/5 Fifth Grade Trip to FlatRock Camp 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

  • 5/5 Third Grade Trip to NIFS/NCAA 9:00 - 2:00 p.m.

  • 5/9 PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Library

  • 5/13 Field Day - scheduled by grade level

  • 5/18-5/20 Summer Reading Book Fair

  • 5/20 5th Grade Breakfast 7:30 a.m. in the cafeteria, awards following in the gym

  • 5/20 PRIDE Convo #4 2:15 Gym

  • 5/24 Last Student Day - End of 4th 9 Weeks

PTO Info

Walk­A­Thon will be held on 4/22. This will be similar to previous years where students from our school and Brentwood will walk together along the Clarks Creek track. Our Walk­A­Thon committees are busy organizing donations, activities, and preparing for a great day!

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • ­ Walk­A­Thon:


  • 4/11­ PTO Meeting
  • 4/11­-4/15­ Book Fair
  • 4/14­ Grandparent’s Night 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
  • 4/14­ Chicago’s Pizza Restaurant Night
  • 4/22­ Walk­A­Thon
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Reminder - Fifth Grade Parents, Mark Your Calendars!

From the PCMS Administration:

We highly encourage all parents of current 5th grade students to attend an informative meeting on Monday, May 9, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the PCMS auditorium. We look forward to sharing information in regard to curriculum and instruction, the purpose of middle school, developmental characteristics of middle school students, and the day-to day routine at Plainfield Community Middle School.

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Keep watching for more information. As summer approaches, there will be many great opportunities for summer camps and other fun activities!

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PRIDE Convo!

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